WarioWare DIY: High-Functionality Aqua Bunny Pack is the forth Aqua Bunny game made by site creator Patrick d, but the third completed, releasing before Rhythmic Pop'n. Though it in and of itself is not a standalone game, the pack includes 25 microgames and a short comic series that can be played and viewed in WarioWare D.I.Y. for the Nintendo DS and WarioWare D.I.Y. Showcase for the Nintendo Wii.

Once considered exclusive with limited availability, all of the games are available to download online and can be played via emulation as of May 7, 2017.

Development Edit

Although WarioWare D.I.Y. was released in the United States on March 28, 2010, development on the Aqua Bunny Pack started much earlier, some time after the game was released in Japan (April 29, 2009, although the AB Pack planning was likely later that this date). This only included making documentation for each of the games included in the final pack, with the expectation that the game would play much closer to WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$!(such as having access to the d-pad and buttons, as well as easy, medium and hard levels to each microgame), and additionally would not have limiters put into place for art assets. Although this did not turn out to be the case, the end product works around the limitations and the touch-only based gameplay to make each microgame play as close to the documentation as possible, and using the random feature to put in the easy, medium and hard levels for each game, even though it is not guaranteed that they would play in order.

Music for each microgame was planned at the early as well, again, with expectations of the game's song writer to be more robust. Most of the songs come from Mega Microgame$, while a few come from Twisted, Touched, D.I.Y. itself and various other sources. Many of the initial song choices ended up in the final microgames, although a few of them had to have other songs considered in their place.

The comic that's included, Vendors, ended up being a late addition after acquiring the US version of the game and learning that there was a comic creator. It was added to help round out the experience of the AB Pack being self contained.

Availability Edit

Originally, the microgames became available to download to the DS and Wii in August of 2010, as long as the end receiver had a copy of either D.I.Y. or D.I.Y. Showcase. This lasted as long as the game itself stayed in vogue, though a few requests for the AB Pack had continued beyond that point. Unfortunately, in May 20, 2014, the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service was ended, meaning online play for DS and Wii was put to an end. This in effect meant that the High-Functionality Aqua Bunny Pack could no longer be played by anyone after, and that only those who already had the microgames could ever play them provided they did not delete the games from either D.I.Y. or Showcase.

Serendipitously, the original microgames were shared with VixyNyan on GameFAQs back in August of 2010, who then uploaded all of the microgames she collected onto her own blog. In early May of 2017, Twitter user Funcrusher Plus found VixyNyan's archive of microgames, but tweeted a specific mention and short video of the games from the AB Pack, noting the quality and effort put into the set. Shortly after, Funcrusher put together a .sav file including all the contents of the AB Pack for everyone to be able to play for themselves. Today, the High-Functionality Aqua Bunny Pack can now be played without the need of the original hardware, opening up availability to all fans and those who are curious worldwide.

Microgames Edit

The names and flavor text for each of the 25 microgames in the High-Functionality Aqua Bunny Pack are as follows:

  • Poké Ball Block: Some arrogant trainer wants to run your life. Show him he's wrong...DEAD WRONG.
  • Kidnapper: Trainers have no respect for a Pokemon's young. Rescue your baby!
  • Nido Grooming: Sometimes, quills and nails grow too long. Trim them to avoid a dangerous situation.
  • Presto-Chango: I'm bored with my Nidorino's appearance. Let's give him a new look!
  • Nido Biology 101: Some people can't distinguish the features of one Nido to another. How well do you know your basic Nidos?
  • Bunny Love: They're so cute. I've got to have one of them!
  • Royal Wrestle: Nidoking's head couldn't get any bigger. It's time to take him down a whole peg.
  • Smash Gal: I wanted to be in Smash Bros! I'll prove I can beat them all!
  • Crane Crazy: Nido dolls are rare, and this machine's got 'em. It'll also eat your money, so use some skill.
  • Tile Gallery: Hey, this masterpiece is all scrambled! Put it back together again!
  • Rhythmic • Pop'n • Music: I wanna be a part of Pop'n Music too! Let me show you I'm just as good.
  • My Right to Sing: I won't let you take this away from me! My song has only just begun!
  • Artist's Rendition: I hope this traveling artist is good...
  • Don't Burst My Bubble!: Aren't these bubbles pretty?
  • I Choose You, Nidorino!: You're up against serious competition, and you've only got one shot. Play it smart!
  • Sprocket Says: Turn off that alarm, will ya?
  • An Apple a Day...: I don't want to get my shots! I'm perfectly fine!
  • Stress Relief: Crush EVERYTHING!! Doesn't that feel better?
  • Bringer of Bad Luck: Life is going too smoothly for Nidorino. Wreck some havoc to reset the status quo.
  • Nido Quiz: It's time to go for the big prize, and the subject is Nidos. Best bone up on your trivia!
  • Carmela's Mystery Dungeon: Every adversary moves to their own rhythm. Mastering that rhythm is the key to victory!
  • Teto•Ran Attack: Destroy the core! Wait, what?
  • Cook, Mama: Skillful cooking is more than a hobby, it's a way of life!
  • Dress Me Up: Charlotte has quite an imagination, and likes to dress for the occasion. Pick the outfit that suits what she's thinking.
  • Sakura Skies: Young love blooms just as the sakura in the spring...

Comics Edit

To round out the package and create a more cohesive experience, a short comic series is included with the High-Functionality Aqua Bunny Pack. Vendors is a set of 12 4Koma style comics based on Lisa Berkley, and is the very first comic of the Diary of Lisa Berkley series, making it special exclusive content.

Video Edit

WarioWare DIY- High-Functionality Aqua Bunny Pack

WarioWare DIY- High-Functionality Aqua Bunny Pack

WarioWare DIY: High-Functionality Aqua Bunny Pack

WarioWare DIY Comics Vendors Sample

WarioWare DIY Comics Vendors Sample

The first half of the Vendors comics


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