This page is about the leading Waddle Doo character as he appears in Alternate Universe and Kirby's Adventures, as opposed to the species. Unlike his cousin, Waddle Dee, Waddle Doo is doesn't fear Dedede and only works for him for money and to stay close to Waddle Dee, begrudgingly following orders otherwise with his eyes half closed or rolling sarcastically.

Waddle Doo isn't afraid of confrontation and will fight Kirby directly with his array of Beam attacks if ordered to, though this usually is only if Waddle Doo is within eyesight of Dedede, or Dedede has minions on the scene that will directly report all goings on back to him. Otherwise, he tends to tell Kirby that he's supposed to fight him, but doesn't, and suggests they go get a pizza or something. Both Waddle Dee and Waddle Doo attend the same school as kirby, and are known to hang out with Kirby and his friends, such as stopping by at Kine's house to take a swim in his backyard pool. Waddle Doo is protective of Waddle Dee, but will sometimes become exasperated by Waddle Dee's cowardice. As for Waddle Doo himself, you could describe him as a pretty chill guy.


  • Waddle Doo's shoe color is based on the way they were originally colored in Kirby's Adventures, which in turn is based on the color used prior to Kirby Super Star. That said, Waddle Doo also has an alternate pair in the same gold-orange color as other many other Dream Landers, but he prefers the green ones as they help him stand out.


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