Vulpix Anderson is one of Kine's former top six Pokemon. She comes from the Alternate Universe series, and at conception, had borrowed many of the positive attributes of Vulpix from the Poke Island series.

Tale of the Six Tailed New Yorker

Very little is currently known about Vulpix's home life (and when I write things like this as opposed to outright stating, there a good chance something is in the pipeline). What is known is that at a very young age, she had been exposed to many Broadway productions, having snuck into theaters to observe. Additionally, she was used to living a life among humans. Vulpix soon got it into her head that this is the life she wanted for herself, to become part of a Broadway production and an entertainer overall. Perhaps there was an opening for Little Orphan Annie available?

These dreams were cut very short, as she was abducted by Melvin so he could play the role of Professor Oak "but better!" in Dream Land.

While there isn't anything officially showing how she reacted when Kine first opened her Pokeball, we can assume she did a lot of crying. And crying, and crying, and more crying, and "I want my mommy" thrown in for good measure. Have you ever thought about what it must be like as a Pokemon trainer to rip little Pokemon children away from their families? You haven't? Good. You probably don't want to.

Vulpix has been shown, however, to be completely cooperative eventually. It could be assumed Nini, at that time a Nidoran, helped console her. And just like Nini, the Johto League trip would be the experience that bonds her to her new friends, and essentially helped to make them her new family away from home on Earth.

The most interesting thing about Vulpix, and what pushed such a small child to the top of Kine's ranks, is that she holds on to a lot of mystic, otherworldy power. While she's good at using fire based attacks and manipulating the sun's rays to increase power (Sunny Day), she's even better at calling upon the kind of forces that Son of Nightmare and Death Reaper JOE would feel right at home with. Using what are essentially souped up versions of Shadow Ball, Hex, and Will o' Wisp, along with a truly unknown Hidden Power (so hidden, in fact, it might not actually be the legal move in question), she takes out the competition with a lot of spooky tricks, and all of them packed inside an unassuming, adorable little fox monster. While it costs nothing for Vulpix to use these moves, she almost never does unless directed, because she's afraid of them herself, and of what they could do. Possibly related, it should be said that Vulpix's favorite holiday after Christmas is Halloween. Coincidence? Kids do love candy, after all...

Bizarre forces of the netherworld aside, Vulpix, after she was given her freedom, has picked up where her life left off on Earth, albeit in a new location. She continues to practice for and participate in any avenues where she can sing, act, perform magic or tell jokes. The first time she tried this, she froze up with stage fright, but it has since gotten easier, such as when she assisted Zapporb the Great in his magic act. As a student, she's essentially a Nini lite, aiming more to generally entertain rather than be a full on clown, and she seems to know there's a time and a place for it, instead of being always on. She's really smart for her age, and seems to show a genuine interest in her education, much like Kine does (though not to a nerd-like obsession). She loves to read books, especially those full of sarcastic quips and humorous subjects that are typically aimed at school aged children. She often corrects Sentret on his mistakes, which frustrates him because by all accounts he believes he should be smarter than Vulpix.

Vulpix tends to lean a bit towards the feminine side of gender neutral, taking pleasure in things obviously targeted towards young girls. She also loves the color pink. However, she's very much interested in, and loves participating in many of the things that the young boys would do, as well. She loves to go to concerts and movies, and even though she prefers an animated feature, she's all in for family features, too. However, she's a bit overly critical when it comes to live action movies, commenting on the actors performances. She also studies these performances, along with those of many great actors in the past, so that she can learn for herself what she must do to achieve her dream.

Nidorina is her current idol, and biggest influence. Vulpix thinks of her as the kind of cool girl she wants to become, so she hangs out with her as much as she can. Nidorina gave Vulpix the nickname Pixie, which Vulpix really likes because it makes her feel both cute and magical.

Vulpix is also a foster sister to Sentret, which Sentret pretends not to like. They quarrel quite a bit, often instigated by Sentret, but at the end of the day they know they're really good friends with each other. Vulpix is also close friends with Chikorita, despite Chikorita being a bit abusive at times. Chikorita realizes how good she has it to have someone like Vulpix around who cares about her and listens to her, even if Vulpix doesn't quite understand her frustrations.

Vulpix also admires Nidorino, and she appreciates the time he spends with her possibly more than anyone else other than Nidorina. For that reason, Vulpix has a lot of faith in Nidorino, and believes he can do anything and will someday make his personal dreams come true. In a way, Vulpix and Nidorino help encourage each other, and actively try to help each other when they can.

Kine considers Vulpix to be is the least destructive or annoying of his live in friends, and for this reason, Kine tends to have a preference for her, and uses her as the model example that he wishes everyone else would be. Vulpix takes the compliment with high esteem, and in her own childish way, will find opportunities to rub it in or sneak it into a conversation. She is only joking however, as she really doesn't consider herself above anyone else.

Overall, Vulpix is really sweet, really cute and she has really big dreams.


Vulpix's moveset is divided into moves she can or has been able to use currently, a set of mystical kitsune moves that have been used under special circumstances, and additional kitsune moves she would be able to use if she ever learns to harness and focus her near-supernatural abilities.

Current Moves

  • Flamethrower
  • Fire Spin
  • Incinerate
  • Fire Blast
  • Heat Wave
  • Sunny Day
  • Slam
  • Quick Attack
  • Return
  • Sing
  • Round
  • Echoed Voice
  • Disarming Voice
  • Confide
  • Hidden Power (Steel type)
  • Hex
  • Will-O-Wisp
  • Confuse Ray
  • Shadow Ball
  • Tail Whip
  • Tickle
  • Baby-Doll Eyes
  • Charm
  • Attract
  • Sweet Kiss
  • Heart Stamp
  • Fake Tears
  • Play Nice
  • Role Play
  • Entrainment
  • Copycat
  • Lucky Chant
  • Safeguard

Known but Unreliable Mystic Moves

Special moves that Vulpix can or has used under special circumstances, but can't reliably command at will.

  • True Hidden Power (stronger variant of Hidden Power with ??? type)
  • Ominous Wind
  • Extrasensory

Currently Unknown, Potential Mystic Moves

It is possible that Vulpix could learn these moves, though she also may never in her life time.

  • Future Sight
  • Blue Flare (weaker variant)
  • Dark Pulse
  • Spite
  • Perish Song
  • Wish
  • Magic Room
  • Magic Coat
  • Protect
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