Vaporeon is one of Kirby's former Pokemon caught during his Johto adventure. She comes from the Alternate Universe series and was inspired by Bubbles La'Vee from Poké Tales, while not being her direct alternative.

Vaporeon and Jolteon are both alike in some ways, in that they both want to do whatever they can to be liked, especially by Kirby. However, Jolteon is much more prone to trying to fit in with his peers than Vaporeon is, who is interested in only Kirby's approval. While this makes her the only other Eevolution aside from Eevee himself to stay out of doing questionable, dubious or outright immoral acts, it does not mean that she doesn't get into her own brand of trouble. She loves attention and will do anything to get it, although her idea of getting attention is with completely wholesome acts (and not the same kind of attention Flareon wants). Typically, this means that she may make a mess when she's in the middle of a attention seeking routine, like spinning plates, jumping through flaming hoops, and other assorted spectacles.

Vaporeon not only wants Kirby's admiration and approval, but she also herself admires Kirby and looks up to him as a great hero. In fact, she's the only one that treats Kirby's acts of heroism as a real fan, as opposed to him righting wrongs being an uninteresting every day occurrence that everyone else has become accustomed to. Vaporeon herself took Kirby's bravery and desire to right the wrongs of Dream Land and planet Popstar to heart, and when Kirby was too sick to defend against the latest threats to continued peace, Vaporeon took matters into her own hands. With the help of Blade Knight inc, who is known for making power suits (such as his own Wing Zero Armor Forme), she was able to become her alter ego, Aqua Girl, with enhanced water abilities and physical capability. After singlehandedly restoring the peace, however, Kirby still did not requite her desire to be called Kirby's "favorite Eon". Nevertheless, Vaporeon remains a cheerful girl who allows her hero Kirby to do what he does best, keeping the Aqua Girl persona under lock and key only to be used again when the time is right... or as a Halloween costume. Whichever comes first.

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