Togepi is in the foster care of Kirby and is a very minor character in the Alternate Universe series. Kirby bought into the hype of Togepi being some sort of magical deus ex machina from watching the Pokemon anime too much, and decided he wanted one of his own. How he acquired one is unknown as Togepi was suddenly introduced in the second season of Alternate Universe without much explanation.

As it turns out, the reality of the situation was far far more disappointing than the cartoons led him to believe, as Togepi isn't at all useful, and its Metronome is nearly useless, going so far as backfiring on Togepi every time. Being a baby, Togepi can't carry on conversation or provide much mental stimulation, and ends up being sort of a dull chore for the time being. Everyone tells Kirby to just admit to buying the ruse (no shame in that), call it a loss and that perhaps put Togepi up for adoption, but Kirby stubbornly believes that it'll pay off in the future, and one day Kirby will have his own "Charlotte". They'll see. They'll all see!

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