It's more than just a slider puzzle, it's Tile Gallery! A full fledged game based on slider puzzles, released in 2009. It includes over 50 interesting pieces of artwork, much of it brand new and exclusive to the game itself, and others remade with a fresher coat of paint. The game offers different ways to play and utilizes a save system to keep puzzles you've cleared unlocked in your gallery, so you can view them at any time.

You can play the game for yourself by following this link.

Gameplay Details

Game Start

First time players will only see NEW GAME on the title screen, and upon starting, will be taken directly to How to Play, which teaches players everything they need to know about the game. From there, they are taken to the main menu. Upon subsequent play, the title screen will show NEW GAME and CONTINUE. Selecting CONTINUE takes you to the main menu and continues your last saved game, with all cleared puzzles intact. Selecting NEW GAME at this point will overwrite the current game in session.

Gameplay Modes


Highlighting an option will have one of the 6 Nidos pop up.

The main menu offers the following options:

  • Enjoy – A free play mode that allows you to clear puzzles at your leisure. You can take all the time you want to clear as many puzzles as you want, and is a good mode for practicing. You can even skip puzzles if the ones you are working on are giving you too much trouble. Puzzles cleared in this mode, however, DO NOT count towards your gallery.
  • Challenge – In this mode, all puzzles are fixed, and you have a limited amount of moves to clear a puzzle. Sometimes, you'll have a few moves left over. This mode may be easier for players to start with to quickly gain some artwork for their gallery, as the solution never changes. However, the order of the puzzles is always the same, too.
  • Time Attack – You have a limited amount of time to clear as many puzzles as you can. The harder the difficulty selected, the more time you will be given. Puzzles here are randomized. And you can skip puzzles depending on how many you've cleared, but the amount of times you can skip is limited.
  • How to Play – Explains everything about the game and how to play it in a low-fi pixel mode. It also includes its own puzzle, which actually counts towards the final total.
  • Credits – View the credits for the game. It's mostly done by one person (Patrick d.), but it at least credits the composers and/or arrangers of the BGM.
  • Gallery – All cleared puzzles end up here to be viewed at any time. Clicking a thumbnail enlarges it and gives full information about it along with a description, just like Aqua Bunny's gallery on the website! There's also bonus artwork that can be obtained by meeting certain conditions within the game.


  • Chibi-Chibi: The mascot of the game, Chibi-Chibi will hang out at the bottom of the screen and skip and play around, doing all sorts of things in a very animated way. She will react to cleared puzzles, and will also start to panic in Challenge mode once your number of remaining moves is low. Failing in challenge mode causes her to faceplant.
  • Sprocket: Takes Chibi-Chibi's place for Time Attack mode and also animates in different ways. It seems all he likes to think about is clocks and other means of keeping time... Once the clock reaches 10 seconds remaining, Sprocket will being acting erratically until the clock then reaches zero. At that time, he will sound his alarm, and the game will end.


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