Team Pika consists of a group of mostly orphaned Pokemon who travel together, exploring the world around them and helping others in need. Their reasons for doing so was both to make the most of the bad situations that they found themselves in, to prevent others from being stranded if possible, and to offer aid for those who are in a situation to themselves. In doing this, however, Team Pika hopes to get at least a little notoriety out of it. Their aim is to be remembered around Poké Island for the good that they have done just like the famous Pikachu before them that saved Poké Island prior. Team Pika is part of the Poke Island series, but only appears in Poke Tales and Poke Legends.


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Six Pokemon make up the members of Team Pika: Pikachu, Meowth, Squirtle, Clefairy, Bulbasaur and Charmander. All of them were orphaned in one way or another, although in Clefairy's case, she was orphaned by force, and would gain a chance to reunite with her tribe. Almost every member of Team Pika has a role. Pikachu is the leader, and he delegates tasks and handles battle strategies. Meowth handles all of the money as both a banker and by doing the accounting, and can even create some additional funds when cash is short (this takes a lot of energy to do, however). Squirtle handles and keeps stock of inventory, and he also works well as an additional liaison if Pikachu is out of the picture (or can't seem to get through). Clefairy is the brains of the group, serving as both a technician and archeologist for Team Pika. She is very well read, and studies plenty of maps and source materials. Bulbasaur acts as a sort of tank and utility belt for Team Pika, with a vast variety of offensive Physical and Special attacks, as well as defensive and protective moves to cover the rest of the team, it makes him the perfect bodyguard. He is also skilled at climbing and reaching higher locations. Charmander is more or less the tag-along kid, but he works well for Team Pika's image for being the first success story for the team. Additionally, the team appreciates his always useful ability to create fire, as well as his clairvoyant-like premonitions that are very much on point. If Charmander has a really bad feeling about something or someone, Team Pika listens.

Together, they have traveled all around Poké Island and Neo Island, but had set up temporary residence in the Poké Forest, seeing as the local Pokemon were so welcome and inviting, and the start up cost of living was free (after all, an abandoned house costs nothing but time and sweat to fix up, and that comes a lot easily compared to cash for the young heroes).

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The reason why Team Pika consists of Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Pikachu, Clefairy and Meowth is because the Pokemon are based on options for starter Pokemon you can get in the 1999 board game, Pokemon Master Trainer. Yes, once again, the Poké Island series IS that old.

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