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Surely, Charlotte is the third Alternate Universe collection, made of of stories featuring Charlotte and various characters of the Mother universe. Most importantly, it includes the origin story of Charlotte.

You can read the Surely, Charlotte collection by following this link.


No.Overall No. In Collection Title Comic Origin
42 1 "Enter Charlotte" Season 1
Charlotte makes her first series appearance, and is extremely dangerous.
98 2 "Cryptic Instincts" Season 1
Charlotte seems to be set out to do something.
114 3 "Utter Silence" Season 1
Charlotte and Umbreon finally meet, and...
142 4 "Oy Vey" Season 2
Charlotte gets a makeover.
173 5 "They've All Got Issues" Season 2
Kine comes to a realization about his Pokemon friends.
200 6 "Outrageous Assumptions" Season 2
Kine assumes the worst about Charlotte.
226 7 "One of a Kind" Season 3
The origin story of Charlotte.
248 8 "Dependence Day" Season 3
Pop Star is fated to be destroyed, but surely there must be a way to avert this crisis..
336 9 "Ness Presents..." Season 4
"Ness is making a documentary of Dream Land for all the students back on Earth."
340 10 "You're Number One, Charlotte" Season 4
It's Charlotte's very first birthday!
375 11 "Schooling Charlotte" Aqua Bunny Original
"The gang try to help Charlotte reach her intellectual potential with some homeschooling."
376 12 "A Child At Heart" Aqua Bunny Original
Charlotte's infantile behavior leads to some interesting hi-jinks.
377 13 "Charlotte's Short Cute 'n' Quiet Comics" Aqua Bunny Original
Silent comic strips featuring Charlotte's cute antics.
378 14 "The Claus Clause" Aqua Bunny Original
Charlotte finds a new crush in Claus, and this bothers Ness in ways that don't even make sense to him.

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