Bio Edit

Sneasel is very egotistical, a self-proclaiming badass who doesn't follow anyone's rule except for herself. But if you get to know her for about more than a couple minutes you'll see she isn't all she claims to be. She isn't the smartest person around but does know how to get things done when she isn't busy being lazy.

Despite giving off vibes of being a loner, she does enjoy the company of the people around her. Claiming everyone around her to be her friend or equivalent of a family. Though she's not hesitant to get rough if someone ticks her off.

Her origins are unknown even to the people of the town, they even question why an ice type would even be wandering the desert. She spends most of her time sitting on her tree just outside of Acetyl away from any of the Thalamus attacks.

Though many do believe that she's originally from somewhere north in the region. Her reasons for keeping such a low profile are one of life's greatest mysteries.

In events of RINA Edit

Sneasel encounters the stressed Rina and Sandy lost in the middle of the desert asking for directions to Acetyl. She gives them directions but also a warning of the happenings, claiming everyone in the city was dead. This would later be proven untrue. She also claims that there was someone in Acetyl that could be of use to Rina trying to return home.

She joins the party and gives direction to Belec's travel business. After arrival to the City she quickly falls asleep due to the sleep powder caused by Pokemon of Thalamus. She's later awakened by Rina and is then told of a plan to wake everyone up at once.

Later on she sees Rina being attacked by Nite, quickly retaliating with an Ice Punch. Showing off her true fighting capabilities she manages to do quite a bit of damage to Nite.

Once the fight was over she lightened back up again and congratulated herself along with Rina and Sandy for awakening the pokemon of Acetyl. But then quickly being summoned by Drago, someone she has a rocky relationship with due to her history of making trouble around the city.

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