Shuckle is one of Son of Nightmare's known 3 Pokemon, from the Alternate Universe series. Though rarely seen, Shuckle had a storyline devoted to both him and Nidoqueen. In that story, Shuckle is found alone on the sidewalk on a rainy day, and Nidoqueen brings it by Kine's house to warm it up. Having grown attached to him, she takes care of Shuckle as if he was her own child, but it doesn't last for long as Son of Nightmare stops by to ask Kine if he had seen his lost Shuckle, the very same that Nidoqueen found. Shortly, after a brief deliberation, Shuckle is returned to his rightful owner.

Despite being so young, Shuckle seems to understand when he is being overworked and treated harshly, when all he wants is to be loved and nurtured by some sort of parental figure. He doesn't like Son of Nightmare's training methods as they are too harsh.Son of Nightmare promised to be more considerate towards Shuckle, but it's hard to say just how much he's eased his regimen for Shuckle. The next time Nidoqueen and Shuckle meet on a picnic get together, though, Shuckle appears to be well.

Shuckle's super tough shell provides an excellent defense, and even at his age, he could withstand just about anything would-be opponents can throw at him. There's likely a future plan Son of Nightmare has in store for Shuckle, you can count on it.

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