Sentret Matsumoto is one of Kine's former top six Pokemon. He comes from the Alternate Universe series, and at conception, was an alternate version of Sentret from Poke Legends.

Get To the Point, Will Ya?

Sentret comes from a modestly wealthy family. They may not have been rich, but they definitely knew how to handle money, and taught their children at a very early age about handling money, themselves, considering the most important education anyone could receive. And considering how much respect and admiration Sentret has for his parents, it's only fitting that he too would begin to emulate them and soak up all of their teachings on accounting, financial responsibilities, having multiple streams of income and the like. That all said, Sentret is money smart but not the best academically. He has trouble with pronunciation of big words, isn't very good at spelling and is even worse at general writing. Most of his answers on his homework consists of sentence fragments, and he tends to overthink the answers to questions, despite how simple and straightforward 1st grade homework tends to be.

Personality wise, Sentret tends to be eager and curious at best, aloof and unconcerned at worst, and it seems to depend on his mood, who he's with, or what he's got cooking. There are only two times in a day that he ever looks forward to, goofing off time and making money time. When at play, Sentret is pretty typical of a six year old boy. He seems to have an interest in intense action, so he plays a lot with his kaiju toy sets, complete with more tanks than you'd think a boy of six could possibly own. When bath time hits, he takes an armada in with him, and tends to make a huge mess in an attempt to "blow up everything". Sentret isn't at all opposed to less imaginatively destructive forms of play, though, and just likes being active with friends, playing simple things like tag and hide-and-seek. Once money making time hits, however, Sentret becomes far less childish and a lot more entrepreneurial. He is very good at exploiting people for money, whether those reasons may be charitable or not, and he makes a lot of money hand-over-fist just by running so many tiny businesses at the same time. And once one of these businesses runs its course, he closes shop and tries something new rather than stake out during a dry season. For that reason, he always has his finger on the pulse of what's hot, or what people need right at that moment. Being this good with money has made Sentret rather greedy, something his family isn't. Combining a stockpile of expendable cash with a the mind of a child can lead to some interesting scenarios, as Sentret believes he has the power to do anything, and because he can afford anything and buy off anyone, he can bend the will of the universe to meet his demands. Granted, this is all big talk, Sentret isn't exactly as important as he thinks he is, but you'd be surprised how many deals he has gotten himself into and came out on the winning side.

Sentret's relationship with his friends is overall good, and he doesn't seem to treat anybody with any particular preference (though he does think highly of Kine because of his competence as a trainer, and one that was able to make a six year old boy formidable at that), he does have an aversion to girls in general. Plainly stated, he just doesn't think that much of them. In fact, he doesn't really find them useful overall. Despite not coming from a chauvinistic household, he holds a chauvinistic point of view in favor of males, likely because of his perspective that men have done all the "important" stuff on Earth. This is partially cultural, but mostly immaturity speaking, as any historical research he's ever done on anything of interest has emphasized strong male leaders, so it's mostly just out of unintentional selective bias. Also, girls are weird, and kinda gross, and he wants nothing to do with weird, gross things. In time, Sentret will grow out of this phase. Deep down, he doesn't actually harbor any ill will against girls, he's just being incredibly immature.

There are exceptions to his perspective on females. Now, he doesn't know very many, but he can tell you that his mom, Nidorina Schneider and Nidoqueen Nakamura are the coolest old ladies around (I'm sure Nidorina appreciates being called "old"). Both Sentret's mother and Nidoqueen are seen as business women in Sentret's eyes, which immediately makes them respectable. Plus, they're both good for all the motherly things Sentret loves so much, too. At the end of the day, Sentret is just a child with childlike needs and wants, and sometimes he just wants to be read a good bedtime story to the sound of a warm, motherly voice, or to come home after a "hard" day at school to a hot, freshly prepared dish of udon. Nidorina, on the other hand, is the antithesis of everything Sentret has heard about girls! She isn't dull, weird, or gross! Well... she isn't dull or gross. Instead, she's cool, she's exciting, she's funny, and most importantly, she was in the army! How exciting! Sentret really likes and is extremely curious about Nidorina, because to him, Nidorina is like an anomaly that not only must be studied, but protected at all cost, as he won't let anything come between his good time with the only good "not-mom" female in the galaxy. Nidorina is a universal treasure.

Sentret's relationship with Vulpix should be a case study in itself. Not only does this present steady opportunities to view Sentret's immaturity towards girls, but it also presents opportunities to view Sentret dropping the act and playing with and even caring for Vulpix as if he never had any biases to begin with. His actions show that he cares about her, especially when he doesn't stop to think about it, but if you had to get him to openly admit that, he would incessantly deny it. It was his suggestion, after all, to have Nidoqueen adopt her too for the time being, just so he could have a playmate. And while Sentret and Vulpix aren't perfectly well behaved with each other at all times, they have a really good dynamic and a great understanding for one another. Vulpix knows what makes Sentret happy, and Sentret knows what makes Vulpix happy, and at the end of the day, that's all they want for each other. Sentret will become upset if Vulpix cries for any other reason than something he caused himself, and will show a lot of concern, especially if she's physically hurt. In a similar way, Vulpix will do her best to nurse Sentret back to health while waiting for adults to provide further assistance. The only thing Sentret actually hates about Vulpix is that she is much smarter than he is academically and trivially. He tries to play it off as if it's all unimportant.


The following is a list of recognized Pokemon moves that Sentret can or has used:

  • Slam
  • Extreme Speed
  • Rollout
  • Sucker Punch
  • Power-Up Punch
  • Ice Punch
  • Thunder Punch
  • Brick Break
  • Detect
  • Foresight
  • Miracle Eye
  • Fake Tears
  • Trick
  • Sand Attack
  • Growl
  • Defense Curl
  • Rest
  • Helping Hand
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