The Schneider Family is a family of Nidoran and their evolutions that make their home in the Plebeian State Park, a mediocre state park in Montana that no one really cares about, and hardly anyone ever visits. Families in Plebeian are typically easy going folk living simple lives, but it's also pretty small and very spread out. Domesticated Pokemon (those with houses and modern commodities) are less common in the area than Forested Pokemon, and domestic neighbors don't live very close by. For this reason, among many others, the Schneider family is generally very close, due mostly to the convenience of having siblings at the ready to play with versus traveling long distances for a play date.


Schneider Family in the First Production Set of Dumb Big Sister, Stupid Little Sister

More specifically, the Schneider family references Arnie and Dori Schneider, along with their eight children, with Nidorina, Nidoran, Oni, Andy, Randy and Nora being among those currently known. Elijah Schneider, Arnie's father and the grandfather of Arnie's children (known to them as "Pop-Pop"), lives alone in his own house further out in Plebeian, but still makes routine visits to check up on how things are going with the rest of the family. Beyond that, the only other member of the family that makes an appearance is Ira Clough, Dori's mother. Altogether, the family is a bit sheltered and have their awkward moments, but they are full of love for each other and are strong believers of "family first". Nidorina "Nini" Schneider set the tone with the rest of her siblings by being a very influential role model. Sweet, empathetic, inclusive, brave, determined, humourous, quirky and just plain cool, these are all characteristics of Nini that have rubbed of on her siblings in one way or another, some attributes more than others. She herself was also influenced by Arnie and Dori for providing unconditional love and patience for their children, and Pop-Pop for providing the lessons in bravery and discipline, as well as the source of pranks and jokes that Nini would be known for (Dori's awkward sense of humor would also rub off a little on Nini, too).

The Schneider family get involved with their little community a lot, with each sibling getting involved in many extra curricular activities in order to better shape them into well rounded individuals. Being based on a typical middle American family, the Schneiders also attend a small church, and help organize events for that as well. The family overall has a respect for nature and the wildlife that lives around them, though Pop-Pop's respect may be more in the sense that he respects the wildlife for being formidable, still slaying animals for basic survival reasons. The family lives in a large house in the woods, the same house that they've lived in ever since Arnie and Dori had married. The home was expanded by Pop-Pop and Arnie (but mostly Pop-Pop) over the years to accommodate their increasing family. They also have a smokehouse where Arnie keeps the meats he sells (the same meat from the slain animals that Pop-Pop hunts), and a personal playground built for the children so they always had a place to run around nearby while parents could keep watch.

Genetically speaking, there are some consistent features that come from both sides of the family, Schneider and Clough. On Arnie's side, some of their offspring have prominent eyebrows or freckles. Dori's side of the family is known more for markings and interesting spot patterns, reduced vision, and frankly, plump posteriors. You see each of these genetics in their children, some of them show up in all of them (every offspring of Dori and Arnie has a noticeably round butt whether they wanted it or not, some are happier about this than others).

Thanks to Arnie, the family has grown to appreciate fine cuisine, but sometimes, they just want something quick that tastes good. Arnie is known for his specialty sausages, which the kids just call hot dogs at this point. Every last one of them love hot dogs as a favorite food, now, including Dori and even Pop-Pop himself (hey, he's gotta give his son credit where credit is due). The Schneiders tend to be the go-to family of the Plebeian community when it comes to cookouts. Arnie's skill is unmatched! Granted, it doesn't take much, most of the other Pokemon don't bother to make anything particularly special.

Overall, the family is a good one to know. Sure, they may be a little corny at times, but you can see how much they love each other and how much they're willing to do for each other in many different ways, whether that be hands on support or moral support or even just being someone to talk to and hang out with.

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