Personality Edit

Sandy is rather blunt and direct about her thoughts. She makes it clear to everyone in the room what she's thinking, even if it's incomprehensible babble. Her behavior is unpredictable as she doesn't seem to be able to focus on doing one thing for too long.

In events of RINA Edit

Sandy wakes up Rina in the middle of the desert by poking her with a stick. Why Sandy is out in the middle of the desert poking unconscious nidorans is a mystery to everyone. Though it seems like she was on her way to Acetyl City but her reasons for going there are a mystery as they seem to be constantly changing between going to the arcade and buying groceries.

Sandy is eventually pulled into helping Rina save the city by waking everyone up. Soon after this, Sandy herself is put to sleep by the residents of Thalamus. This doesn't last long as Rina wakes her up on accident, triggering the events that would be setting up the speakers around town.

Her competent fighting skills are shown off when the plan goes bad after Nite appears as she goes to help Sneasel deal with him.

Despite her harsh comments towards Rina and Sneasel, she considers the two to be her sisters despite only knowing them for a couple of hours.

Moves Edit

Chapter 1: Rollout Dig Confide Fury Swipes
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