Another major cast member of Chibi's Corner, Sanara is everything you would expect a Gardevoir to be. On opposite day. Also, every day is opposite day, forever. Sanara is what you would get if you took Kali to her logical extreme, and if Kali completely shut off her emotions. Sanara is pure apathy, not caring one way or another about anything. She has no prospects, and does not care. She has no real friends, and does not care. The world around her and everyone in it is going to pieces, and she does not care. No moment in her life makes her either happy or sad, no action fills her with anger or joy.

This makes her very frustrating to be around for some, and comforting for others. The ones who are frustrated, such as Riri, always feel like they are talking to a brick wall, and if she ever gets invited to anything, say a place to eat, she never decides on what she wants because she doesn't care what she gets, and unless the food establishment makes a decision for her, someone else in the group will have to take over. On the other side, characters like Pichu and Patcheel feel like they won't be judged around her because she truly doesn't pass judgment on anyone.

Mona isn't absolutely robotic, as she seems to have a preference for days of gentle rain, and going out in the cool breeze of a rainy day. When she feels like she's had enough of something, she'll show herself out rather than remain until someone forces her out. She also seems to like Riri, even if by a microscopic percentage, as she usually will not leave her side, and will let Riri decide when to go their separate ways.


Sanara's name is based on Gardevoir's Japanese name, Sirnight, and how it's pronounced more like Saa-naito.

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