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The Rina series is a comic detailing the adventures of a nidoran named Rina, created in November of 2015. The series follows a young nidoran, who after an incident is separated from her father during a camping trip. Along the journey she learns a bit about herself and the world around her as she makes friends to hopefully reunite again with her father.

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Chapter 0 Edit


After a dream of being captured, Rina abruptly wakes up calling for her father afraid that there's monsters out to harm her. Her father, King G. decides to calm her down with a peaceful stroll around the forest to reassure her that they're perfectly safe. But things go awry as they go deeper into the forest.

Chapter 1 Edit

Episode 1: The Town That Knows No Wake Edit


Rina yet again awakens, but this time in a desert, being poked by a Sandshrew named Sandy. She pleads for Sandy to lead her into the nearest town for help. Sandy hesitantly helps Rina get to the nearby town where she plans on doing grocery shopping. Along the way they meet a Sneasel willing to help guide them to the town as Sandy seems to not actually know where she's going. Though the Sneasel warns them of a dangerous disease that seems to have killed the entire town's population.

Upon arrival to Acetyl City, it's clear that the citizens aren't actually dead but just put into a heavy sleep. Rina then takes upon the responsibility to save the town and wake everyone up. After examining the what seems to be an electric type junkyard city, the group is discovered by an Oddish by the name of Doshi. Doshi reports the gang to his superior in hopes of a promotion. The gang is then put to sleep by a very powerful sleep powder attack caused by a group of grass types.

Rina awakens earlier than her friends due to an odd nightmare that was unlike any dream she's ever had before. She's then attacked by Doshi who seems to be surprised that she managed to awaken so early. After a short battle, Rina proves to be a complete rebel by running from the fight once it seemed impossible for her to win.

Eventually Rina finds out that the feedback from speakers is loud enough to wake anyone nearby up. After awakening her friends, she decides to come up with a plan to wake the town up.

Episode 2: Electric Endevour Edit

Rina, Sneasel, and Sandy all decide to talk out the new plan, setting up speakers all around the perimeter of the town. Though despite taking the proper precautions to make sure that their shenanigans are safe, Doshi still knows about the plans of the trio. He then goes about to tell his boss about everything going on but is informed to just relax while he handles the problem.

Once Rina begins to get the final phase of the plan working, she finds out that one of the plugs aren't correctly connected. She quickly goes to try to fix it before it's too late, beginning to climb the tower she is quickly struck with a slash across the face by a Dragonite. Before he could manage another devastating blow to Rina, Sneasel quickly jumps in with an Ice Punch directly to the face.

Sandy hurries up to Rina and heals her before joining Sneasel in her strife. Rina looks up at the tower determined to save her friends and this town. She begins to climb in an attempt to connect the wires, but fails again and again. In a moment of frustration she learns the move thunder, electrocuting the tower enough for it to act as a conduit for the plug.

She quickly runs to the nearby mic, ready to drop the illest of truths. Rina drops the mic against the ground, causing a sound intense enough to wake up the town in no time. As pokemon start to wake up, they wonder what exactly is going on. The Dragonite quickly flees as a response to the new commotion,leaving Sneasel and Sandy injured but alive. The two congratulate Rina and themselves for their heroic rescue of the slumbering citizens.

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