This page is about Rick as he appears in Alternate Universe and Kirby's Adventures. For the official version of Rick... well, I'm sure there's a site for that somewhere...


Just like Kirby, Kine and Coo, Rick has migrated from the Kirby's Adventures series to the Alternate Universe series with very little changes, if any. Rick is a stop-and-go sort of personality. When he's full of energy he's really full of energy, and his speed is one of his greatest assets. He's also good at keeping traction and doesn't seem to trip or stumble, which not only makes him good at traveling terrain, but also good in his middle school's physical education class. Conversely, when he's not full of vigor, he's really lazy and just lounges around while trying to exert the least amount of energy possible. This is particularly true when it comes to schoolwork, which he'll put off just to do other things, or nothing at all. "Why do anything, man?" Above all else, Rick loves to prank and tell jokes. While not exactly the class clown, he does pride himself as the class comedian, and always uses his classmates as a way to workshop his material. In fact, his favorite type of student are new students, as they haven't already heard all his jokes before. He hopes to do stand up comedy someday, even if it's not a practical career move. In addition to trying to act funny, he tends to find everything funny, too, and has a bad habit of not taking things as seriously as everyone else is, as well as laughing in the most inappropriate of situations, telling everyone else to "lighten up" or "relax".

Kirby's appetite may be beyond compare, but that's not to say that Rick can't also pack away the snacks. His relationship with Kirby is otherwise really good, as Rick is a loyal friend and traveling partner. He is long time friends with Kine, a sunfish that he would get together with on summer vacations, similar to visiting a friend who lived out of state or in another country. Rick would tell Kine stories about mainland Dream Land, and that was enough to one day entice Kine to venture out into Dream Land himself. Rick also has a very strange love-hate relationship with Coo. The two of them butt heads all the time and are always quick to talk smack about the other. Coo usually instigates, often times for no reason, and Rick always seems to take the bait. Every once in a while, though, Rick starts something to get Coo tangled up in his own bravado. The two of them usually get into arguments and brawls, but at the end of the day, they still have each other's back. Despite the petty contempt they seem to have for each other every third day, they'll also stand up and fight for the other one, and still like to bounce jokes off each other, usually at the expense of a third party. It's possible that Coo and Rick are a lot closer than they'd like to admit, and having two larger-than-life personalities around in their circle of friends stirs up an inferiority complex.

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