The Rhythmic Pop'n Demo title screen

Rhythmic Pop'n is a game that began production in 2008, and has the highest production value of any game on Aqua Bunny to date. It is meant to be an accurate Pop'n Music simulator that plays just like Konami's series does, complete with many of the same options and play styles, and the on screen characters reacting in very much the same way. The game is influenced by a very street and urban motif, using a lot of traffic and road signs as well as city backdrops as a common theme. A demo for the game was released in 2012. The game is still in the works to be completed, but has been pushed back into the back burner to be completed at a later time.

You can download the demo from this page. The password is "popmusic".

Main Menu

Right from the start, there are four options available in the main menu:

  • Arcade – The main mode of play. You select a difficulty level, and from there, you play up to three rounds in an attempt to gain an overall high score, and unlock more characters and music. In the demo, only the Normal mode is available, although it includes a few songs from the Beginner mode, and a few songs you'd have to otherwise unlock right from the start.
  • Free Play – In this mode, you can play any song you've unlocked to your heart's content, going for the best high score for the song, and earning bronze, silver, and gold medals. This is also a good way to practice a song without any real penalty. This mode is unavailable in the demo.
  • How to Play – Tells you everything you need to know about how Rhythmic Pop'n, and by extension, how Pop'n Music is played. You'll learn the rules, and about unlockables.
  • Options – This is where you make many configurable changes to the game, including Button Select (5 or 9), Key Config, Character Select and a few extra unlockables. The Character Dictionary is available from the start and details information about the characters as it pertains to the game, but is locked out of the demo version of Rhythmic Pop'n.



Candy Blue, Bubbles's song in Rhythmic Pop'n. It's one of the easier songs in the game.

The gist of it is to fill up your Groove Gauge from the bad zone to the clear zone, and to keep it there until the stage ends. Pop the Poppers when they line up with the Timing Bar. Hitting them right on time nets you a "Great" and the full amount of points and will add to your Groove Gauge. If you're a little off, you'll get a "Good", but fewer points, and it'll only fill up your Groove Gauge a little bit. If you're way off or miss entirely, you'll get a "Bad", and your Groove Gauge will begin to deplete with each missed note. If the Groove Gauge is in the red when the song ends, you clear the stage. If it is in the blue, the stage is failed. In Arcade mode, if you choose to continue, your overall score is reset.

Music and Characters

Rhythmic Pop'n spans across all of the series on Aqua Bunny, and includes characters from each of the 5 major works: Poké Island series, Alternate Universe, Carmela:¡Alcance Las Estrellas!, Diary of Lisa Berkley and Chibi's Corner. The following songs and characters are available in the Rhythmic Pop'n Demo, and are subject to change in the final version.

Hints for Final Version

Here's where a few hints will be dropped about the final version, if any are provided.

  • Nidorina, Charlotte, and even Carmela are all in the final version of the game, among many other characters.
  • Some charts may be reworked to make the game easier overall. The idea is to provide an experience similar to Pop'n Music and encourage interested players to find the real thing, not discourage them.
  • Yami will get a different song in the final version of the game. Speed will now only be available in the demo version.


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