Somewhere in the south Pacific seas lies Poké Island, a large island inhabited by many different Pokemon (at least all of the original 151) and heavily guarded by legendary and mythical Pokemon alike. The titular Poké Island is the setting for the game Poké Island, as well as the offshoots Poké Tales and Poké Legends.

General Information

Poké Island was specifically formed over time to be a home to many different types of Pokemon belonging to many different types of ecosystems. Even though the island sits closer to the equator than it does away from it, the island still gets four seasons in spite of it, and it's all thanks to the power of the Pokemon watching over it. At the top of the chain is Houou, who, while he doesn't personally watch over and guard the island at all times, makes all the final decisions about Poké Island. Under Houou is Lady Mew, a Mew who's job is to actually watch over the island at all times and to protect it from any threats or invaders, as well to provide comfort to all the Pokemon living within it. Because this is her full time position, she is often regarded to as the guardian of Poké Island. Most Pokemon don't realize that she still answers to Houou. Underneath Lady Mew are Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres. These three, like Houou, aren't permanently appointed to watch over Poké Island, but offer assistance as well as changes in the weather and adjustments in temperature, in order to keep the biomes stable. Beyond the legendary bird trio, very special Pokemon known as the Island Watchmen keep a very close eye on their territories, providing even further assistance and a low-level view of life on Poké Island.

The landscape on Poké Island ranges from huge forests and lush jungles to tall mountains and deep ravines, to deserts and badlands to lands of ice and snow. Many small towns and even a couple of large cities have been built on the island. Some of the villages are very small and only make use of the environment itself to provide shelter. A single power plant provides all of the electricity needed to run the entirety of Poké Island, and is much needed for the Pokemon living the high life in the metropolitan areas. Poké Island is also surrounded by smaller islands, most of which are under the jurisdiction of Lady Mew and the greater Poké Island region. The only island that neighbors Poké Island but does not fall into the Poké Island region is Eevee Island. Eevee Island is self contained with its own governing system (what little there is), inhabited almost exclusively by the Pokemon Eevee and its evolutions. While it is not Lady Mew's job to keep an eye on Eevee Island, she may go out of her way every now and then just to keep alien (both terrestrial and extraterrestrial) threats away.

Because of its special source of power and all too perfect combination of Pokemon of all kinds, from the most common to the most rare, it has been a target for harvesting elemental energy by extraterrestrial armies, causing what is essentially the catalyst for the game Poké Island. The few humans who have discovered it in the past are typically overcome by what they see, and immediately motivated for want of notoriety or money, going out of their way to disturb the life on the island just to fulfill their selfish desires. This is why the island is very heavily guarded, and all Pokemon have a united front against human life. No matter where they live or how they live, Pokemon on Poké Island will attack humans and detain them for Lady Mew to send away back to their home location after performing both a memory and a data wipe, destroying all records, digital or physical, kept by that human.

The Poké Island Region

The following includes all the areas and neighboring islands found on or nearby Poké Island:


The mall in trendy suburb Fern Garden, from Poké Island SE

Villages, Towns and Cities

  • Green Town
  • Fern Garden
  • Sunnydale
  • Marillville (formerly Barley Acres)
  • Diglett Molehill
  • Metroise (formerly and sometimes known as Psyduck City)
  • Sunset Coast City
  • Clefairy Cavern

Poké Forest, from Poké Island SE

Natural Areas

  • Green Cave
  • Poké Forest (technically Central Poké Forest)
  • East Poké Forest
  • Serenity Valley
  • Mt. Skyway
  • Rural Road
  • Citrus Ravine
  • Li'l Mesa Desert
  • Badland Caves
  • Black Cavern
  • Rolling Prairie
  • Isle's Edge
  • Rocky Ridge
  • Mt. Frosty (includes a village)
  • Crystalline Chamber
  • Ryujin Sea
  • Cloudy Route (area of solid clouds high above Poké Island)
  • Arashep Desert (includes a village)
  • Mist Marsh
  • Forgotten Zone
  • Mt. Spectrum

Ryujin Sea, from Poké Island

Locations, Structures or Past Civilizations Constructed by Pokemon

  • Tangela's Hedge
  • Power Plant
  • Twilight Cemetery
  • Twilight Mansion
  • Ruins of Poktez
  • Sandshrew Castle
  • The Blue Majestic (Captain Blastoise's famous pirate ship)
  • Houou Pyramids

Islands Within the the Poké Island Region

  • Poison Island
  • Little Island
  • Volcano Island
  • Resort Island
  • Mew Island (a floating island in the heavens far beyond viewing range on Poké Island)

Nearby Island Outside of the Poké Island Region

  • Eevee Island

Spectrum Way, from Poké Island

Area Way Beyond Poké Island but Still Counts in Series Lore

  • Spectrum Way (a network of light and elemental energy creating a rainbow like road in space)


  • The animated short "I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm" takes place mostly within the Green Town-Poké Forest-Fern Garden area, but also includes a zip pan that consolidates many of the above areas of Poké Island leading back to Poké Forest.
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