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Pichu is a bit of a tragic character in Chibi's Corner. He is perpetually depressed because, like Yami, he can't ever seem to become close with anyone due to involuntary biological functions. Like the Earth Pokemon Pichu, this Chibimon is prone to discharging electricity when excited. However, because the worst should always be expected to happen on BaBeat, Pichu usually ends up frying everyone to death in his excitement. Pichu's body count is ridiculously high for someone who's only lived for a short amount of time, and it takes a huge toll on his conscience, making him feel guilty, sad, and depressed all the time. He carries the weight of murdering so many other Chibimon on his shoulders, and feels like he can't ever be absolved from this particular sin of his. To avoid killing others, he tries to keep his distance from everyone, but this just makes him very lonely and even more depressed. He longs for companionship, but it always feels forever out of reach.

Pichu is prone to emotional outbursts and fits of crying, unleashing a powerful stream of electricity. He is considered very dangerous to be around.

Nevertheless, at the best of times, he is still considered the friend of Riri, Rey, Kali and Yami, and tries his best to treasure their friendship, even if he feels undeserving of it. Their kind gestures make him emotional, which causes him to shock them just like he does everyone else. However, his friends usually only end up knocked out at the worst.

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