Patcheel has imbibed so much liquor that his body might as well be made of pure alcohol. In fact, he should have transcended into an alcohol spirit a long time ago. Patcheel is single-track minded character from the Chibi's Corner series, who's only motivation in life is to drink and by any means necessary. An alcoholic through and through, some characters take pity on him, and others simply ignore him out of indifference and continue on with their life, paying him as much respect as the would a boulder on the side of the road. Patcheel is often found passed outdoors in the middle of walkways, sideways or roads.He's barely ever sober because he makes sure that his personal flask is filled to the lip with some kind of liquor or hard spirits. He is attracted to Sanara and has even gone out on a date with her, which was easy, as Sanara doesn't care about anything.


Patcheel is the Japanese name of Spinda.

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