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Oni Schneider is the third born child of Arnie and Dori Schneider. Along with Didi, Andy, and Randy, she has made an appearance outside of the main series first due to delays in the comic. Currently, not much is known about Oni to protect from spoilers in her soon-to-come main series appearance. However, a couple of things to note are:
  • Oni grew up to take after, and represents Nidorina's responsible side. To use Sigmund Freud's psychoanalytic personality theory, the id, ego, and super-ego are represented by Didi, Nini and Oni respectively.
  • On the whole, Oni is more feminine than Nini or Didi.
  • Oni is a perfectionist and aims to excel in everything she does. She also likes order.
  • Despite taking after her mother more closely, Oni is not afraid to confront the things that bother her.
  • Appearance wise, Oni has shorter ears and longer whiskers than the average Nidoran. She also has freckles and puffed up hair/quills.
  • Oni's horn hides underneath her poofle of hair.
  • As Oni grew older, freckles started to appear on both her face and her behind, much like Needles spots being on his tush.
  • Oni's spots are asymmetrical.
  • Oni has darkened eyelids like all the other females in the family.

Role in Dumb Big Sister, Stupid Little Sister


Oni as a two year old

Oni has so far appeared in the first production run of Dumb Big Sister, Stupid Little Sister. However, she is only two years old at oldest in this run, and it seems a lot of her personality hasn't yet developed, favoring instead for typical two year old behavior (or the behavior of a well behaved two-year old compared to Andy and Randy). What we can gather, though, is that she seems quieter than the rest of her siblings, and follows directions really well unless scared out of her mind. She puts a lot of trust in Nini, and has a deep love for her family.

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