Nok-Nok is an unintelligible creature in the Chibi's Corner universe. There are only two words he can say and both of them are "nok". For this reason, no one ever understands what he's trying to say and he is constantly misinterpreted. Nok-Nok could be on the forefront of warning everyone of impending doom (again) and nobody would take it seriously. Nok-Nok is usually patronized or talked down to as if he's a baby, despite the fact that he's apparently old enough to take care of himself in his own underground home. He's much smarter than everyone gives him credit for, and find himself frustrated in trying to communicate with others. He went to school to learn how to write, but ironically all he can write is "nok-nok" as well.

To some degree like Yami, Nok-Nok is a bit of a slave to his instincts, as he likes to set up underground traps to catch people. However, this is just his way of getting people to either pay him attention or pay him a visit, he has no intention of ever chowing down on his catches, but he still can't seem to stop doing it,for in his moments of absolute clarity, he here's but one voice, and that voice tells him just one thing: Dig.


Nok-Nok's name is a diminutive version of Trapinch's Japanese name, Nuckrar.

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