Nidorina Schneider is one of Kine's former top six Pokemon. She comes from the Alternate Universe series, and at conception, had borrowed many of the same mannerisms from Poke Tales' Nidorina.


Nidorina has always been an energetic, perky girl with a smile as big as her heart. She also has a strong sense of justice and duty, and lives by a set of morals and values instilled in her as a child. She's cute and she knows it, so she tends to dress the part, wearing cute fashions that appeal to the modern, cheeky-quirky female audience.

She loves to prank and joke, mostly at her own expense, or at the expense of something less tangible than another person. This makes her kind of a sweet-natured jester. On the other hand, she likes to be cheeky, contrary or to intentionally get on the nerves of people she loves just to fool around. As a kid and even today, she'll dare those she's close to do do silly things and make a fool of themselves, usually to get them to open up and learn not to approach life so seriously. The more Nidorina annoys you, the more she likes you. That tends to be the way it goes. She has been compared to a Sour Patch Kid, first she's a bit sour with all her frankly soft harassing, and then she's sweet, as she'll go out of her way to do for others that mean a lot to her. She doesn't like sadness, so she'll do what she can to turn people's frowns upside down.

She's also very fun loving and a bit of a thrill seeker, and while she found some of this in the open plains in Montana, usually in trapping wild animals (and releasing them, of course), she's more at home in metropolitan areas, and loves the city life and all it offers.

All of this great fun aside, she knows how to be responsible and when to be serious. She has learned a lot of life lessons, and currently tries to pass them on to the next generation of kids such as Kine, Chikorita, Vulpix and Sentret. She can also be stern and will cut the bull if she has to go there. Though inspired by her grandfather to fight for one's protection, she does not condone senseless violence and is absolutely against killing, and would never go hunting for wild game, even if it did lead to tasty, tasty meats and family income.

She is also health conscious, and believes in keeping fit. She's not very strict or obsessed with this as she allows herself to "cheat", and many times, but overall she always works it off by going into double time the next day, or some other alternatives. She also keeps up her appearance and does what she can to keep herself looking and feeling her best, usually using all natural products. Of course, that doesn't mean she's always on high maintenance, as her idea of nighttime pajamas are nothing more than a large tee and underwear, and she'll walk around the house like this giving no flips, but this behavior is seen with people she's comfortable around (unlike her sister Didi who would go out in public in her underwear if it meant not having to be inconvenienced).

It is both revealed and implied that Nidorina's greatest influence as a child was her grandfather, "Pop-Pop", as he is manly, authoritative, and disciplinary without showing any fear, but also fair and funny with a great sense of humor, and has a love for sports. In her childhood, "Nini" was far more tomboyish, aping her elder hero. As she grew older through Jr. high and high school, her femininity came into play bit by bit, and she began to embrace the unique and wonderful things that make her a female (well, there's one thing she could do without, we won't discuss that here). She currently sits in the center of gender neutral, having interests and hobbies, as well as tendencies that skew more masculine and more feminine. She also believes that women should be strong, independent and self-sufficient, but she's also not afraid to show her feelings, be sensitive, and to cry when she needs to cry. That said, she tends to get along better with boys and other more center-of-feminine females than the girly-girl or high maintenance types, and overall has more male friends.

All in all, being first born has thrown Nidorina into the role of big sister whether she liked it or not, but she ran with it, and adores the role of being "the coolest, funnest, most influential and inspirational big sister in the universe :)". Nothing in the world is more important to Nidorina than family, and this is apparent in both Alternate Universe and Dumb Big Sister, Stupid Little Sister.

Nidorina in Alternate Universe

Though more information is soon to come, what we know about Nidorina sometime between Dumb Big Sister and Alternate Universe is that she joined the army after high school to become part of a special Pokemon unit, and her high performance led to her getting high profile assignments with the government. Once the assignments were over, she relaxed a little, eventually hoping to return home, but was caught by Melvin just so he could play the role of Professor Oak "but better!" in Dream Land. Given her out-of-nowhere captivity, she clearly wasn't happy about this, especially given that she's always had some reservations about Pokemon trainers. However, she immediately felt bad for lashing out on Kine, who did nothing wrong and just wanted to fulfill his dream of having a Nidoran for a friend.

Over the time spent in Japan for the Johto League, Nidoran and Kine bonded a lot more, and Nidoran began to accept Kine as more than just a trainer, but like a part of her own family, recalling the days when she would take care of her younger brothers. She also takes care of the other young Pokemon as if they were a part of her family, too, and today she considers them all an extended part of her family. Being so eclectic makes her a hit with Sentret (who otherwise finds girls worthless) and the similarly gender neutral Vulpix, and she eventually won Chikorita over by being the tough but fair and always understanding big sister that Chikorita never had, but sorely needed. Kine considers Nidorina to be his best Pokemon back during the heyday of the Johto League, and honestly she is unrivaled, as she is on a whole other level of tactical fighting experience that most Pokemon will never even get in their lifetimes. She's not the strongest, but she very well may be the smartest among a bunch of brutes being trained by kids and cocky adults.

She is also very close friends with Bellsprout, her first crush and love interest (the love of her family always superseded any romantic feelings she could have potentially had in Montana), and with Bulba, the first non-familial near-the-same-age female friend she's ever had.

Nidorina is in a relationship with Nidorino, and serves as an inspiration to help him become a better person. However, Nidorina's fun loving and ultimately still childish behavior, having loved the life of being a playful big sister far too much to let go, make her genuinely attracted to Nidorino's dorkiness as well. She loves having someone who she can hang out with and play with as though he was a sibling, without the awkwardness of actually being related attached.

She is a self employed hair stylist, but she doesn't get much action out in the sticks. While accepting of her humble roots, she hopes to go big and take it to the city, her favorite place to be. Of course, what she has now helps to pay for her own needs. Nidorina also makes a very good bodyguard or personal trainer, but having quit fighting for sport, tries not to lend out her services if they cause harm to anyone anymore, and will only make very special exceptions.

Nini in Dumb Big Sister, Stupid Little Sister


Poor Arnie will never catch a break...

As a child, Nidoran did all she could to be the jester of the family. All the world's a stage, and she's here to tell jokes. Even though her behavior is a frequent source of embarrassment to her parents, they realize that she really livens up their lives, and don't actively try to make her stop (though they may ask her to dial it back). Nini sometimes takes certain jokes too far, not yet having found that perfect balance of deception and funny.

From what's been shown in the series so far, you could say that she is in love with her family. From the moment Didi looked less like a gross wrinkly gremlin and more like the cute fat headed thing she became, she cared for Didi as if her sister was her child. And this has been the case for every sibling born afterword. Nini will do anything for her family, and more importantly, whatever it takes to keep them all together, as the new gift of having a family is so extremely precious to her, that she's scared to death of losing it. This is apparent when she starts to recount the schoolyard urban legends about Pokemon trainers, and then temporarily has a break down at the thought of losing Didi. She even took on a wolf to protect her siblings, and the emotional stress of all that happened or could have happened was too much for her. This event, however, would be the start of a newer, braver Nini who will soon assume a more protective, fearless role, just like her grandfather, leading to the eventuality of her joining the army.

There was also a time where she was afraid that her mother didn't want her, but Dori assured her that she wants Nini to grow up the person that Nini wants, and not the daughter she thought moms were supposed to have. Raising children is a new, exciting and sometimes scary experience, and she wants to share it all with her daughter, hopefully with a close relationship.

Her best friend is Didi, and she loves hot dogs. Her goal is to be remembered as the "World's greatest sister".


The following is a list of recognized Pokemon moves that Nidorina can or has used:

  • Tackle
  • Slam
  • Counter
  • Tail Whip
  • Scratch
  • Slash
  • Fury Swipes
  • Double Kick
  • Triple Kick
  • Low Kick
  • Karate Chop
  • Poison Jab
  • Ice Punch
  • Crunch
  • Poison Sting
  • Ice Beam
  • Blizzard
  • Mist
  • Charm
  • Flatter
  • Captivate
  • Attract
  • Sweet Kiss
  • Lovely Kiss
  • Tickle
  • Play Rough
  • Helping Hand
  • Confide


  • Nini, and by extension, all of the females in the family have darkened eyelids. This comes from Dori's side of the family.
  • Nidorina is a brought-to-life version of the Nidorina I (Patrick, the series author) caught in Pokemon Silver, given the Pink Bow item and getting haircuts in Goldenrod City. Her early mannerisms were taken from Poke Tales' Nidorina at first as well before eventually coming into her own, making her Nidorina's alternate without using the same character.
  • Nidorina is just a little thick because it's genetic, dangit. It has nothing to do with what she eats. G-geez... all of the Schneiders are a touch bottom heavy, Bellsprout, try to understand.
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