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This page is about Ness as he appears in Alternate Universe. For the official version of Ness, you're on the wrong site, palzie!

Overview (full version coming eventually)

Just to get a few notes out, whenever the chips are down on Popstar, you can count on Ness and the rest of the chosen four to save the day. Being one of the strongest kids on Earth, Ness utilizes his full psychic potential (backed by the power of the Earth itself) to put evil in its place but good. Other than that, he's still just a boy, prone to making stupid decisions and jumping into situations head first. At least he has excellent defensive and evasive capabilities to help him out of the scrapes he gets himself into.

As it turns out, the language humans speak is a less advanced version of the universal language Popstarians speak, which is how they understand each other (and also how everyone on Popstar understands everything Pokemon say). Ness and his friends attended a bit of this advanced "alien" schooling, and now have some ability to directly communicate with Pokemon in the same language as well, unlike other humans.

For a film project, Ness decided to try to capture life on Popstar, as there would certainly be no one else back in Onett who has done the same, guaranteeing him high marks. He has also gained an admirer in Charlotte, who's primarily attracted to the energy he gives off (but perhaps, just a little, attracted to the person as well). Ness, on the other hand, is pretty disgusted by this, especially since he's already an item with Paula.

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