There is no character more conceited than Mona in the Chibi's Corner series. Mona treats self-aggrandizement like it's her hobby, with the top 10 people she loves most in the entire universe being her, 10 more times each. If you gave her a mirror, she would probably make out with it. For this reason, Mona is very much uncaring about everyone else or their needs or concerns, making her a self centered jerkass most of the time. If the subject is not about her, she is not interested. Mona thinks so highly of herself that she feels like the world owes her special treatment and should be praising the heavens that she even deigned to stop and hold a conversation with the hoi polloi, who just happens to be everyone other than herself.

Mona isn't always on, however, and has moments when she comes down to the level of everyone else. This usually happens in situations where mutual participation is encouraged, or when she she acts like a youth for a moment and wants to have genuine fun. She's easier to talk to during this time as she acts like a real person, having dropped the kayfabe. For this reason, Mona is not a true narcissist, and is more likely laying it on really, really thick and choosing to stay in character for some sort of sense of personal satisfaction, even if it drives everyone else bonkers. The reason most likely stems from boredom and the need to be entertained, as like Kali, she seems to be desensitized to the strangeness of her world, forcing her to create her own thrills. There is, however, a kernel of truth in her hammy over the top self-interest, as she does seem to genuinely think she's really great and may find herself a bit attractive.

Speaking of Kali and attraction, if there's one person Mona feels she can make room for in her heart, it's Kali. Mona seems to genuinely attracted to Kali to the point of creepy obsession, and she doesn't seem to understand boundaries, stalking Kali around and sneaking into her home late at night just to show Kali how devoted she can be. Kali has no love for Mona and feels like Mona deserves every bad thing that happens to her.

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