Love-Love Monster is the fifth Aqua Bunny game made by site creator Patrick d. It started as what-if proof of concept in 2016, and was decided to make into a fully fleshed out game in 2017. The game has you interact with characters from both the Poké Island Series and Alternate Universe, giving the player sort of a more direct way to get to know the characters in these series, and help them out as well. It is in essence a spiritual successor to the WarioWare DIY: High-Functionality Aqua Bunny Pack, in that they both share some functionality, (will) have microgame based gameplay, and have the same nonsensical direction overall.

Information about the game is kept to a minimum as it is still currently in production, but a trial version is open to the public to play for themselves.

Characters Edit

Most of the characters in Love-Love Monster are kept under wraps, currently, and consists of both male and female Pokemon. The final game will have over 15 characters. Thus far, the ones that have been revealed in some capacity are:

Trivia Edit

  • Sprites for Love-Love Monster's proof-of-concept version have existed on the wiki for months before anyone even knew what they were from or what they were for. Nini, Didi and Oni's pages all have early sprites.
  • The proof-of-concept version of Love-Love Monster only had 5 characters, Nidorino, Nidorina, and the Schneider sisters Nini, Didi and Oni.
  • While the final version of Love-Love Monster is based on the original proof-of-concept and follows the same general progression, the final version of the game is a major overhaul and is created to be an overall different experience compared to the former.
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