This page is about Kirby as he appears in Alternate Universe and Kirby's Adventures. For the official version of Kirby... well, I'm sure there's a site for that somewhere...


In the Kirby's Adventures and Alternate Universe series, Kirby is nearly the same as his official pre-anime era counterpart. He enjoys snacking, napping, and relaxing to fun activities, but he's also rather suspicious and jumps to conclusions, especially when it comes to Dedede. He also tends to be a lot more cartoony and clownish, with being a funny character taking precedence over being a cute character, also like the pre-anime version of Kirby.

Specific to these series, Kirby is also middle schooler, with many of his classmates being the local fauna as seen in the games, including his animal friends Rick, Kine and Coo. He tends to play a straight man role more often than not, usually staying cool and collected, and is known to toss out many a deadpan quip. Although not nearly as much as Kine, Kirby has a low tolerance for stupidity, and even friends of his can try his patience. He's also one to get right to the point, going straight into beatings without allowing the unlawful much time to give their dastardly spiel. That all said, Kirby isn't without his foibles, and still plays a comic relief role like he does in the games, especially when it comes to his eccentricities. In this series, Kirby is not friends with either King Dedede or Meta Knight, similar to earlier games where their relationships were rivalrous at best.

Kirby's favorite foods are Maxim Tomatoes, Superspicy Curry, Pep Brews and... tacos. Lots and lots of tacos. In the Alternate Universe series, at some unspecified point in time Kirby caught and raised an Eevee, Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Espeon, Umbreon, Togepi, Pichu and Lickitung. Like Kine, he gave them their freedom by releasing them, but they all chose to live in with Kirby much to his chagrin.

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