This page is about Kine as he appears in Alternate Universe and Kirby's Adventures. For the official version of Kine... well, I'm sure there's a site for that somewhere...

Kine in Kirby's Adventures

Long before Kirby met with any of the animal friends, Rick and Kine had a connection with each other, being beach side and vacation pals in their youth. Rick would tell Kine stories about the mainland, and Kine would, strangely, find the education methods the most fascinating part of these stories. Eventually, with support from his family, Kine moved to the mainland to live closer to his now best friend Rick, and to pursue a higher degree of education than was taught at the bottom of the ocean.

In this series, Kine is a lot more soft spoken, serving as an answer to why he seems vacant in the games, but he's actually incredibly smart, and builds stuff in his spare time just to keep himself sharp. He also has a snarky side, and has a flat-on-the-ground low tolerance for stupid. Kine also has a strong sense of morality and serves as a voice of reason. Along with friends Coo and Rick, Kine can be found beside Kirby when the going gets rough against those who want to alter Dream Land's way of life for the worse.

Kine in Alternate Universe

Because Alternate Universe takes place in the same established universe as Kirby's Adventures, Kine is pretty much the same character, except more outwardly negative as his role has been pushed upward, and the amount of stress Kine has to deal with has increased several times over. However, now having adults in his life as opposed to being the mature one in the group, there are more opportunities for Kine to be reminded that he himself is still a boy.

Unlike Blade Knight inc, Kine hardly ever does anything without trying to come up with a plan first, nor does he go out of his way to annoy people. Instead, he feels that's what everyone does to him. Kine is also strict but fair, and will listen to his friends and offer the best advice he can give when they want to have a serious moment with him. When it comes to love, though, the kid is hopelessly lost.

Kine is one of the Johto League champions, and mostly wants to leave it at that. His attachment to his Pokemon as true blue friends, and also viewing his Pokemon as equals while having some questions about the morality of Pokemon ownership, caused him to decide to release all of his Pokemon shortly after this victory. Most of them, excited for their freedom, took the opportunity to start a new life, but Kine's top Pokemon, the ones that bonded with him the most, chose to stay with him, as they couldn't imagine a life without him and without each other. While this decision frequently serves as a source of Kine's newfound frustration, the type of frustration he never had to deal with in the Adventure's series, having these close friends of his around has allowed Kine to live a life full of experiences he'd never have otherwise, being an only child, having left parents behind, and never having to interact with girls much at all. Even though Kine now feels like he has to put out everyone's fires, he wouldn't trade the love and affection he gets from his new friends for anything.


  • Early in the series, Kine, as "Kine the Genius", assumed more of an author's avatar role, as that's what he was. As the series phased out stories about the online lives of the series creators, Kine's role returned more and more to the one he had in Kirby's Adventures. At this current time, he's almost completely reverted, if he didn't have memories of his early AU antics.
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