Kali is one of the few sane characters of the Chibi's Corner series. Kali plays the both the straight man and the realist to everyone else in the series, having become desensitized to the usually devastating randomness in the world. Like Riri and Rey, she is unfazed by all the awful things that happen. However, she neutralizes the bad with logic at best and indifference at worst, rather than optimism. She has not gone off into the deep end of apathy like Sanara, however, as she still seems to have feelings in general, feeling happy, sad, angry, irritated and everything in between when appropriate. Despite her younger age, she feels like she's seen everything there is to see in the world, and therefore feels like she has it all figured out. This gives her a sort of inflated sense of self-importance, as she feels like she's passing down pearls of wisdom to those younger than her, telling it like it is. When she gets into debates with Riri about how one should view life and the world they live in, Kali usually closes the conversation by telling Riri that she has so much yet to learn.

Kali is typically gender neutral skewed feminine, which makes her very digestible to someone like Rey, who is otherwise wary of females. Despite her low key know-it-all-ism, she still has fun and plays with her younger friends, even if she does think some of their games are a bit too juvenile. However, everyone else seems to lack any good sense, so she'll take what she can get with no complaints. Kali seems to show legitimate irritation and frustration with Mona, however, as Mona won't stop stalking and harassing her. Nothing would make her happier than to be rid of Mona forever, and when she gets herself into sticky or otherwise painful situations, Kali doesn't even make an attempt to show her any compassion.

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