Eevee is one of Kirby's former Pokemon caught during his Johto adventure. Eevee comes from the Alternate Universe series and is somewhat an alternative, plainer version of Eevee from the Poke Island Series. Similar to his predecessor, Eevee is generally just another easy to get along with child character. A young boy through and through, he has the usual interests that would be found in most boys his age. He is, however, trouble adverse, and unlike his younger, alternate counterpart, avoids getting into mischief. The way he figures it, life is easier if you stay on the side of the law, regardless of who's jurisdiction he may be currently under (Kirby's or perhaps the school's, for example). Additionally, there's nothing special or "chosen" about this Eevee. He's just a fuzzy Normal type Pokemon and nothing more than that, aside from his ability to evolve into many other different creatures.

When it comes to domestic life, he gets along really well with the child Pokemon that live with Kine: Sentret, Vulpix and Chikorita. He also doesn't really get Sentret's aversion to girls, but this likely because Eevee is older than Sentret. In his own home, he usually serves as the voice of reason for the rest of his rowdier kind, but usually only tells them once that something is a bad idea before they go and do it anyway. This usually leads to a lot of "I told yo so"s, and Eevee always stays on Kirby's good side just by virtue of keeping out of the Eons' reindeer games. Eevee isn't much of a snitch, though. Unless the Eons are causing serious havoc, he usually let's karma do the job and waits for Kirby figure it out on his own, doling out the punishments in due time.

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