Death Reaper JOE is a character that only appears in the Alternate Universe series. He is based on yet another user name of series co-founder Jared (this time on different boards entirely), but only some of his antics very early in the series are embellishments of events that actually happened in real life. The rest are character inspired right from the beginning.

Yo, JOE, Whaddya Know?

Death Reaper JOE is one of the many agents of death (the Grim Reaper himself), all sharing the same Death Reaper title, but having unique codes to create an acronym that sounds like a common name. JOE's code is Joker•Omega•Executioner. Although having been "alive" for a long time, he is a newbie to the soul harvesting business, and is still considered a trainee. He is assigned to reaping souls from the planet Popstar, but these darn fools just won't die.

Frankly, Death Reaper JOE is putting on airs for a job he only wants to do sometimes. Don't get him wrong, he loves the reaping business, but he likes to goof off even more. A lot of the maneuvers he pulls to appear menacing and to instill heart-stopping fear are all for show. He's far more interested in following the lives of many people out of a reaper's curiosity, and enjoys the quality of life having friends provides moreso than reaching a quota.

Of the "username characters" from co-founder Jared, JOE is the most level headed and offers a lot of good advice. In a lot of ways, he parallels Kirby, who also has his eccentricities, but overall plays the straight man game. JOE is not afraid to call people out on their failings, hoping for the others to take a good look at themselves. He is also the strongest of the "username characters", having the powers of the underworld itself. JOE also can not be killed, as you cannot kill death. If he is destroyed, his body will just re-materialize later. And then he'll be mad. And you won't like that... because you'll be subjected to a full on tantrum that a grown man should never be seen throwing.

Death Reaper JOE has a soft spot for Nidorino, both being cut from a similar cloth as far as he's concerned. They are both guys with bigger aspirations, but can't seem to get ahead, and this creates a repport between the two. He also wants to see Nidorino do better, because everyone loves to see a happy ending now and then, and Death Reaper JOE is invested in seeing Nidorino get his.

Death Reaper JOE has some kind of fascination with cows, perhaps because he finds them funny. For that reason, he's extremely nice and courteous to Miltank, and tends to shame Kine for constantly berating her. He also knows a good woman when he sees one, and knows that Kine's Pokemon connections are either pretty themselves, or know other pretty people. He probably shows up at Kine's house all the time just for this reason alone.


  • Having a Dream Land-like inspired design, Death Reaper JOE's arms disappear and/or blend into his cloak when his body is at rest. His scythe can also be materialized out of nowhere when needed, too.
  • Continuing in this Dream Land-like cartoon design, JOE's hands are gloved. Under the gloves are bones, but this is rarely seen.
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