Crane Crazy is the first game created for Aqua Bunny, released in 2007. In 2009 it received an update, which fixed a few bugs and other reported issues, as well as included an online leaderboard. It involves using a crane machine to grab chibi dolls for points, and the game is played until the clock runs out, or until bombs destroy the machine.

You can play the game for yourself by following this link.

Gameplay Details

Gameplay Modes

The main menu offers the following options:

  • Easy Pickin's – The game's easy mode. There's no way you can lose, but there's not many high score opportunities available. The crane moves at a slow speed in this mode.
  • Fair Play – The game's normal mode. You will now have to position the crane to drop above the dolls in a sweet spot to grab them. Better scoring potential and the crane modes at a moderate speed.
  • Challenge Game – The hard mode. The sweet spot is reduced, but scoring opportunities are much better, and the crane moves at a fast but manageable pace, and always drops diagonally.
  • Absolute Ripoff – A strange mode that's harder than Challenge Game. The crane moves very quickly, but may not operate the way you want it to when dropping. Has highest scoring potential outside of Endless Machine if you can manage it. In the 2009 update, the catch rate in this mode was increased, but the crane is less predictable.
  • Endless Machine – This mode is somewhere between Fair Play and Challenge Game, with the crane operating at about the pace of Challenge Game, but only dropping straight down. In this mode, there is no time limit, so you're able to grab as many dolls as you want provided a bomb doesn't blow your machine to smithereens. When a bomb appears, you need to catch it and get it out of the machine in order to properly dispose of it. If you fail to get rid of a bomb before its timer reaches zero, the game ends. Because of the endless nature of this game, it has the highest scoring potential of all.
  • Rules – Explains how to play the game, gives the point values for each doll, and warns about bombs.
  • Hi-Score Ranking – View the high score tables for both timed and endless modes.


Below are the point values of the dolls or items inside the machines. Character dolls only show up in harder modes, and the harder the mode, the increased the frequency of appearance is (with Charlotte being the rarest):

  • Bomb – 0 points. Your only goal is to dispose of it before its timer reaches zero.
  • Nidoran ♀ – 25 points
  • Nidoran ♂ – 50 points
  • Nidorina – 100 points
  • Nidorino – 200 points
  • Nidoqueen – 350 points
  • Nidoking – 500 points
  • Lisa – 2000 points
  • Carmela – 5000 points
  • Nido-san (Nidorina Schneider) – 8000 points
  • Mama 'Rina (Mrs. Nidorina) – x2 multiplier to current score.
  • Charlotte - x3 multiplier to current score.


Chibi-Chibies are the main characters of the game, and this is where they make their Aqua Bunny debut. All Chibi-Chibies are named Chibi-Chibi, regardless of the species they represent. The Nidorina Chibi-Chibi (who would become a mascot of sorts for Aqua Bunny) is the prominent Chibi-Chibi of the game. Others include Nidoran ♀, Nidoqueen, Nidoran ♂, Nidorino and Nidoking. Lisa, Carmela, Nidorina Schneider, Mrs. Nidorina and Charlotte make cameo appearances as Chibi-Chibis, but in doll form only.


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