Chibi-Chibi is an pseudo mascot creature for Aqua Bunny (the other, more official mascot being the Nidorina in Aqua Bunny's logo). She comes from a species of small creatures known as Chibi-Chibies. Most of those that have been seen take on an appearance similar to Pokemon. Additionally, Chibi-Chibies share the same name as their species, making all Chibi-Chibies "Chibi-Chibi".

This Chibi-Chibi takes on the appearance of a Nidorina, and has made many appearances all around Aqua Bunny. She first appeared in 2007 in the game Crane Crazy, and she had a very active role as the mascot of Tile Gallery. She also plays as the co-developer to the WarioWare DIY: High-Functionality Aqua Bunny Pack alongside Lisa, helping to distribute the games on the WarioWare page, as well as showing up in her own microgames. Because Chibi-Chibi debuted in Aqua Bunny's games, she continues to appear in each of Aqua Bunny's major game releases. Her likeness also appears in a similar Sanrio fashion on other character's clothing and accessories.

Chibi-Chibi and her species appear almost every other post on The Aqua Bunny Almost Daily Gallery, the tumblr account that works alongside the website. They appear on eyecatches to keep the blog active without also burning through unique content too soon.

Chibi-Chibi's end goal is to make as many people happy as possible. Because she exists more as a meta character than as someone who belongs in a series, she does her best to try to get people to have fun with the Aqua Bunny site, and then to play with her as well. She really enjoys bubbles, and thinks the colors they give off as they reflect the light off of them are very pretty.

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