Chibi's Corner is a micro series similar to Diary of Lisa Berkley, in that the cast and characters appear more often in one-offs and other such occasional instances instead of in an active, consistently running series. However, unlike Diary of Lisa Berkley, Chibi's Corner is slightly more developed, as there are more characters, a clear setting, and a general tone overall for the series.


Its Raining Chibi Pokemon

The image that was the deciding factor in turning these Chibimon into reoccurring characters.

In 2005, various unprovoked illustrations of chibi Pokemon were created for the Creative Worlds website, starting with an image of the then unnamed Riri eating a cookie (which would later make its rounds on the internet). Following this was a drawing of Rey, and then a Sableye named Yami, and then an image depicting a rainfall of random Chibi Pokemon, most, if not all, of which would become characters in the series in one way or another. The characters would then appear, offline, in notebook margin doodles and doodle comics, drawn during droning lectures. They would sometimes appear randomly in various gifs (usually Riri) or other works, but it wasn't until Riri and Rey were chosen to lead Rhythmic Pop'n that it was decided to consider the series important to the Aqua Bunny Works.

Series Summary

To put it shortly, Chibi's Corner is an absurd, negative continuity series. The use of cute chibies is meant to mask the fact that strange and awful things seem to happen all the time, and that a moment's notice anyone's luck could change for the better or for the worse, without any logical explanation to back it. The series takes place on the sentient planet BaBeat, home to a special variation of Pokemon known as Chibimon. Living on a planet that is also alive and quite possibly emotional seems to stress test the limits of most of the Chibimon's sanity, and it seems to be the cause of much of the nihilistic or otherwise hedonistic behavior of some of the characters, many of which only care about themselves. Riri and Rey represent a wide eyed, innocent and optimistic world view, and try to make the best of the situation that they are put in.

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