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Charlotte is one of Kine's reserve Pokemon, and she comes from the Alternate Universe series. Her reserved status was unique, however, only using her for extreme emergencies only, and never in the league proper.

Overview (full version coming eventually)

Before writing a full article, I just want to take a moment to mention that Charlotte has the power to manipulate atoms. It seems like her power is psychic or otherwise mystic, but she's really just controlling things around her at the molecular level, which is far more dangerous. She can vaporize just about anything, or even destroy a being from the inside by making just a few key changes to their molecular structure. However, Charlotte is about as far away from malevolent as you can get. She's really just a big baby.

Also, Charlotte can't speak, but communicates via a direct feed mind link, which is similar to telepathy. She can also spell easy words out with blocks and flash cards, pantomime, and write (in a poor, childish scrawl) as alternatives. Charlotte has a crush on Ness because of the energy signatures he gives off.

When it comes to scientific knowledge, none are smarter than Charlotte, but when it comes to social knowledge and interacting with the living world, she is as uninitiated and ignorant as they come, constantly violating societal rules.
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