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This page gives the entire plotline for Carmela:¡Alcance Las Estrellas!, from start to finish, as it was planned. While this page contains spoilers, this is also the only option left, and something's better than nothing.

Beginning to Rayquaza (Main Game Story)

Thunderwave Cave to Silent Chasm

The story starts with Team Epsilon acquiring the Lucario Rank, and the Carmela pauses the video of this event from inside her home. She then suggests the reader "watch" from the beginning, or at least from the point when it was most relevant to her. Daniel, an unenthusiastic human-turned-Mudkip, and Lilia, an overenthusiastic Chikorita, are wondering through Thunderwave Cave before they have a run in with Carmela and her gang. There's a short dispute, but Carmela (at this time, a Nidoran) figures the sooner they complete their rescue mission, the sooner they'll leave, so she decides to assist them. Angela, Carmela's childhood friend (and also a Nidoran), thinks Carmela's gone soft, but Carmela more or less tells her to can it, and with that, Carmela, Daniel, and Lilia set off to find the missing Magnemite.

The next day, Carmela checks in on the kids secretly, but blows her cover. The kids think she's grown an attachment to them, and despite being true, Carmela denies this. It isn't too long after this moment that Team Meanies (a troublemaking, greedy group consisting of Gengar, Ekans and Medicham) shows up to stir up some trouble. The only one fazed by their antics is Lilia, who is also the only one taking any of this seriously. An opportunity to prove who's the better team arrives when Caterpie shows up on the scene, upset about the disappearance of Metapod. Gengar is on the case... for a fee of 5,000 Poke. When Caterpie pleads with Gengar over being, well, broke, Gengar threatens Caterpie to find that money somehow or else. Team Meanies goes off, and Team Waterlilies (a name Lilia just then came up with) and Carmela go searching for Metapod in Sinister Woods, in hopes of finding him before Gengar does.

Once Team Waterlilies + Carmela find Team Meanies, a fight breaks out, with hoodrats Medicham and Carmela squaring off, Ekans taking on Lilia in hopes to paralyze the young girl with fear, and Gengar taking on Daniel himself for some reason in his one-sided rivalry with him. Daniel, becoming in tune with his newfound Pokemon abilities, takes down Gengar while the girls handle the rest, and they safely leave the Sinister Woods.

The next day, Lilia takes Carmela into town while Jumpluff bothers a sleeping Daniel. Jumpluff whines just long enough for Daniel to break, and he accepts the mission to find Shiftry and the other Jumpluff. Our protagonists head off to the Silent Chasm, and disturb Parry, a Paras that is slowly dying due to the mushrooms on his back (and all of the toxins flying around in the air). He demands satisfaction, but is too weak to come through. Lilia's determination to get Parry the help he needs inspires Daniel to reconsider this "rescue team" business. With Lilia's persuasion, Parry follows along, listening to Lilia's stories about the Waterlilies. The Meanies spot them from high above, and create a rock slide in an attempt to crush and/or bury the Waterlilies. Trapped, Lilia does what she can to break through the rocks, but doesn't make much progress. It isn't long before a colony of Trapinch rise from the sand, looking to devour the caged-in Waterlilies, but Rehema, the "beautiful" queen of the Trapinch, makes them hold their ground. Lilia asks for help, and taken by Lilia's charm, she decides to help the Waterlilies out as part of her good deed for the day. The Trapinch soldiers create a tunnel for the Waterlilies to escape from, and afterwards, Lilia asks if Rehema ever considered rescue work. Rehema responds that her life belongs to the colony. Finally, the Waterlilies reach the spot where Jumpluff should be, only to find Zapdos already beaten to a pulp, and graffiti on the cave wall that reads “Team Go-Getters wuz here”, to which Lilia responds “Darn those go-getters!” Back in Pokemon Square, Jumpluff halfheartedly apologizes to Team Waterlilies for making them go through the trouble, but Lilia considers helping Parry out of that toxic environment a win for the team, and takes him to a Friend Area where he can rest easy.

Days later, the reality that Daniel is away from his real home starts to sink in. He wonders why he's in this world, and Lilia suggest speaking to Whiscash. Whiscash brings up Xatu, the one who knows all and sees all, and tells Daniel and Lilia that he can be found on the Hill of the Ancients. Gengar overhears this, and sees this as an opportunity to learn more about Daniel himself.

Hill of the Ancients and a Flashback in Tangelo Bay

The waterlilies + Carmela are on their way to finding Xatu, and Lilia mimics Carmela and the Thunderwave Cave cholas out of some kind of mix of admiration, interest, and finding it humorous. This act embarrasses Carmela. At night, Daniel sits alone, still determined to find out about himself, and Lilia speaks with Carmela, admitting that she admires her and wishes she was more like her (her good points, anyway). It makes Carmela smile and really think "wow, someone looks up to me", before recalling her own childhood.

An entirely new sequence starts with a flashback to Tangelo Bay, an area that used to thrive with a lot of businesses helping it flourish. However, everything had deteriorated and become run down, and Carmela and Angelina, coming home from school, make mention of this fact. Angelina and Carmela continue to talk, Angelina mentioning her grandmother's stories about a far more beautiful Tangelo Bay. Carmela, wishing she could have seen it, says that someday she'll get out of this town to see better places. Carmela comes home with her "big ideas" as her parents put it, but her parents would continue to beat her spirit down with their defeatist attitude. They've given up, saying that they're poor and no one cares what happens to them or their community. They've heard it all before, the "big ideas", but no one ever makes it beyond Tangelo Bay. They tell Carmela to set her sights realistically.

On a different day, some guys try to advance on Carmela and Angelina on their way home from school. The girls want no part of this, but the guys don't seem to take no for an answer. They try to assault the girls, both of them frightened, but Carmela works up enough resolve to start handing out a butt kicking. They leave with a message of retaliation, and with Angelina in shock and in tears, Carmela suggests going to the police. The police, however, don't make an effort to do anything, which disillusions Carmela. The both of them go to Angelina's parents and fill them in on all that has happened. Her parents are both aghast and relieved, but when retaliation is mentioned, Angie's parents feel that they are powerless to do anything. Carmela hears the same defeatist words of being powerless back at her home, saying how it's up to the proper authorities (who did nothing before) to handle this situation. So late that night, Angie arrives at Carmela's window, telling her that she's leaving Tangelo Bay, afraid of what might happen to her, and also fed up with her uninvolved, useless parents. Carmela won't let Angelina go alone, so she runs away with her. The flashback ends.

The next day, the Waterlilies find Xatu, he prophesizes gloom and doom, and Gengar gets it in his head to blow this out of proportion.

While Daniel is Away...

Just like in the games, Gengar gets the townspeople to turn on Daniel. Mob mentality rules, and they'll gladly bump the kid off if it means saving their own skin. Daniel decides to run away, also in hopes of finding out the truth about himself, and Lilia, being the close friend that she is, sticks by. Carmela hides in the bushes, wishing them well, but they all mutually agree (on separate occasions) that it's for the best that she doesn't get involved. As the Waterlilies flee the scene, the story stays focused on Carmela.

A seemingly long time has passed, and Carmela halfheartedly keeps her routine in the Thunderwave Cave (including saving a Plusle and Minun), but she also seems more distant than usual, keeping to herself. Parry drops by and asks if she's heard anything in regards to Daniel or Lilia. She says she hasn't, and they talk about this for a bit when Carmela's old, nosy gang arrive, half overhearing and filling the rest in with assumptions that Carmela's still sulking about some kids. Parry excuses himself, and Angelina berates Carmela, saying she's been acting very strangely lately. Carmela brings up their past, saying that the two of them have fallen into the very pattern their parents spoke of. The only difference is that Carmela realizes it and is starting to do something about it. This insults Angelina, sarcastically calling Carmela "holier than thou" just because she did a few chores for some people. She then complains that she doesn't see anyone helping them, and Carmela retorts that it's because they won't make any effort to help themselves. Well! That did it as far as Angie was concerned and the two of them fight before they have a falling out. Angelina and Maribel the Rattata leave, but Raquelle, the Poochyena who's been really soft spoken up until now, follows after only for a bit before turning to Carmela and telling her that she believes in everything that Carmela is doing. If she wasn't so timid herself, she'd try to do some good for the world, too. This offers a little bit of consolation to Carmela, who had just lost her best friend.

Just a Nidoran...

Daniel and Lilia return with the news that Ninetales has cleared Daniel's name as the cursed human. Team ACT back them and the townsfolk run Team Meanies out of town. When the news of team ACT's disappearance hits the town, local rescue teams are then dispatched to find them. Lilia tries to volunteer the Waterlilies, but Blastoise continually shuts her down. She sulks, saying how the adults never take them seriously, and Daniel chimes in by saying their team name does them no favors. This is the point where they arrive on the name Team Epsilon together. Several failed attempts from other rescue teams later, the town finally let the Waterlillies go, but not before a correction from Daniel. "It's Epsilon. We're Team Epsilon". The sense of pride Daniel is starting to show about being a rescue team makes Lilia positively giddy. The two find Carmela and ask if she wants to come along. Feeling both brash and like she has nothing to lose at this point, Carmela eagerly joins.

The gang arrives in Groudon's chambers, and a battle ensues. Carmela thinking highly of herself as the world's strongest Nidoran, keeps jumping into the fray only to continuously receive various smack downs and other painful denials. Her pride won't let her stay down, but it reaches a point where her body gives out. Groudon is otherwise defeated, and everyone is saved. There's a huge celebration in town, but Carmela is not in the mood. The reality has sunk in that she's nothing more than a Nidoran, and she had been fronting about being so tough for so long that she started to believe it. She quietly leaves, as Daniel and Lilia look at each other in worry. Over the next few days, Carmela spends all of her free time in the Makuhita Dojo, trying to restore face and prove to herself that she is indeed a capable Pokemon. Additionally, she now has a willingness to learn, and downs a lot of vitamin drinks when she needs to recharge.

Rayquaza, The Comet, and the False Ending

News about a comet spreads throughout the Pokemon World, and the tone for the comic has an "end of days" feeling. Daniel rallies up the Pokemon to work together and do pitch in whatever aid they can to reach out to Rayquaza, their only hope. As Shiftry's team and Team ACT go on ahead, Epsilon head over to Thunderwave Cave, and ask Carmela if she's interested in getting involved after the Groudon debacle. Carmela agrees to come along, not just for herself, but for her species, and for those who have to live the same kind of life she had, growing up in Tangelo Bay with no hope. Angelina walks in on everyone just to talk smack about Carmela, and Carmela initially retorts that she thought they weren't talking to each other anymore. She then goes on to say that if Angie would pull her head out of her behind that she'd see that there's more to life than just herself. Carmela tells Angelina that she's protected her long enough (which Angie snaps back at, stating that she doesn't need Carmela's protection), and now she's going to put her life on the line for a greater purpose. To top it off, Carmela finishes by stating that the day Angelina can say that she's ever going to put her life on the line for anyone else, maybe then she'll be the bigger person. Angelina stays silent, and Daniel, Lilia and Carmela all head for the Sky Tower. After leaving, all Angelina can mutter is "whatever."

Epsilon + Carmela and Parry make their way to the top of the Sky Tower, with other rescue teams lending them a hand during the travel. About halfway up, Epsilon runs into a situation where only Parry can hold them off. He stands his ground and tells the others to continue without him. In another bleak situation further up, Rehema and her Trapinch colony come through with a helping hand (or swarm, if you will). At the top, he only way Rayquaza can be bothered is to prove one's worth in battle, and just as an epic clash against a single titan begins... some other show pops up. Carmela had accidentally taped over the fight against Rayquaza, so she fast forwards it until the show ends, and when it gets back to the story of Team Epsilon, the fight is nearly over. Carmela (in the story) notices a weak spot on Rayquaza and is the one to deliver the final blow (editoral: this is based on the fact that Carmela in game dealt the final blow to Rayquaza), leading him to concede defeat. As Rayquaza goes up to destroy the comet, there is a sense of concern among all of the major playesr in the story so far (save for Team Meanies) that the destruction of the comet could mean the end of Team Epsilon. Angelina begins to break and realizes that her friend may be no more.

When it is found that Epsilon is indeed alive and well, a huge celebration commences. Angelina comes forward to Carmela, telling her how inspired she is, hoping maybe someday she too can get into the rescue team business. The celebration is short lived, however, as Daniel finds himself suddenly ascending, his purpose in the Pokemon world possibly being fulfilled. Daniel seems aware of this, so he wishes everyone well on his way out, but the one who won't take this event sitting down is Lilia. She takes his ascension very hard and therefore gets very upset, and while she admits she's being selfish, she feels that Danny boy was as closer than a brother to her. As Daniel enters a void, he reminisces about his former life as a human, hoping to return to that. However, he takes a moment to think about Lilia, and then the others. Feeling that perhaps his work isn't quite finished yet, he decides to stay "just a little longer". The next day, Lilia somberly walks into Daniel's old home, hoping to regale in the great memories she had with him, only to find Daniel is lazily sleeping on the inside. Overjoyed, she rouses Daniel from his sleep, and in classic Daniel form is a complete grump, but with a warm heart, telling Lilia that it's just for a little while longer.

Carmela pauses the tape and says "Aww, wasn't that sweet? Well let's stretch our legs for a bit, and we'll get right back to th' video." She mentions that all the fun character based stories are now coming up, and is excited because she knows that that's where the author puts forth the most effort.

Post-Game Misadventures

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