Bulba is one of Blade Knight inc's post-Johto Pokemon. She comes from the Alternate Universe series.

The Nectar Sweet Bulbasaur

"Non-confrontational" is the best way to sum up Bulba. One could also use the words "well mannered". Bulba is very polite and a conversationalist, as she will try to strike up a conversation with people that she meets. She does this as an effort to be neighborly and to improve the mood of those that she talks to. She also finds learning about other people to be very interesting, believe that everyone in the universe has an interesting personal story worth telling. While Bulba could be considered chatty in polite company, she is not actually talkative and is rather quiet the rest of the time.

Bulba and Bellsprout meet each other very early in the series, where Bulba happens upon Bellsprout who is depressed due to missing out on two relationship opportunities. She talks to him in her usual polite and uplifting way, and pretty soon after, the two of them start dating, and have been together since. Bellsprout convinces Blade Knight inc to capture her so that they can always be together, and BKi does so, going against his personal judgment.

As a battling Pokemon, Bulba is rather weak on two accords. The first one is naturally, as Bulba does not like to fight and becomes nervous when forced to do so. Bulba is far more likely to run away, instead, but she will not ditch her friends if they are in trouble, and will think quickly to do whatever she can to help them out. The only time Bulba will actively pursued confrontation is when demanding satisfaction from Bellie, after having been humiliated by her over and over. Despite Bellie having the upper hand of training and a lot of unpredictable tricks up her sleeve, she still isn't as stout as Bulba and is akin to a glass cannon, meaning that Bellie can hit really hard, but she can't take it. Every fight between Bulba and Bellie has ended in stalemate.

The second reason why Bulba is a weak Pokemon is because of Blade Knight inc's refusal to train her. Due to Blade Knight inc's chauvinistic mindset, he does not believe that women have a place in fighting or engaging in "manly" activities, and sees having females on his team as a threat to his masculinity. He caught her anyway for Bellsprout, but he is otherwise very patronizing to Bulba. This doesn't mean that he's antagonistic towards Bulba, but more that he doesn't take anything she says all that seriously, and feels like she'd be better off "picking posies and waiting tables" or something. In the middle of the series, Blade Knight inc, along with Kine and Son of Nightmare, train up their Pokemon who are lagging behind together, and Bulba is one of these Pokemon. This helped her gain some much needed experience and strength, both in offense and in defense. However, she hasn't been trained since, and her experience level is likely still under 50 at the absolute most. All in all, though, this is fine, as she doesn't really want to fight anyone anyway.

Due to Bulba's consistent mild and polite demeanor, her relationships with everyone are pretty much the same. Even with her significant other, Bellsprout, she doesn't treat him any differently than she does anyone else. She enjoys being romanced, however, and really likes to get lovey-dovey with him. She also gets along well with Nidoqueen, as they are both polite and quiet observationalsits at heart. Her closest friend, Nidorina, is the only person to bring out a little more zest in Bulba, but barely. Because Nidorina herself is pretty quirky, the topics of conversation are a whole lot of impromptu, unfiltered nothing that Bulba would usually never talk about, with such riveting topics like "have you ever wore underwear one day and it just chaffed like hell?" Nidorina and Bulba work each other up into a chatting frenzy, and the two of them can go at it all day.


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