Bubbles La'Vee is the 3th born daughter of Evan and Bonnie La'Vee. She is also the youngest of the teenaged Eon Trio, and the second youngest of the Eevee Sisters overall. She is a major character from the Poke Island series. Though she makes her first appearance in Poke Tales, her character is rather shallow and doesn't gain much depth until Poke Legends. She continues to be a prominent character until the end of the series.

Still Waters Run Deep (er Something...)

Bubbles can be just as rambunctious as her sisters Shockette and Rosie. She's flirty, outgoing and talkative, and when you multiply this by three, you're going to have an "interesting" time with the Eon Trio. Always laughing, and laughing at nothing... She enjoys shopping just like her sisters and also being the best looking Vaporeon in the vicinity. She, too, has joined in on the Joy-Annoy train and messes with her younger sister as well. She's into just about anything a teenage girl of her type would be, which is to say the same for the rest of her sisters. Magazines, TV, girls nights and sleepovers, taking pictures of herself... it goes on. And let's not forget, she is nearly always wearing her bronze earrings.

What make Bubbles different that her older sisters, though, is that she's generally the calmest and the most empathetic and emotional. Her differences tend to show when she's alone or at the least away from the influence of her older siblings, and once she's by herself, it becomes apparent that she's shyer than her older sisters, too. Every now and then, Bubbles goes off into the forest, going as far as East Poke Forest and Serenity Valley, typically to relax and clear her mind, and perhaps to gather some inspiration. When it really comes down to it, Bubbles just isn't as strong as her older sisters, and is prone to sadness and feeling like she has little worth. However, being more sensitive to her own emotions makes her more passionate than the others, and she expresses this passion through art. She focuses specifically on sketching and painting, and most of the time the subject is landscapes. She likes to capture the essence of what she sees alongside how she feels inside, blending emotion with reality to create a new perspective. However, she's also really sensitive about her art, and may go to pieces in either direction good or bad. She may be emotionally overcome if her art is appreciated but a lot of people, or by those that mean something to her, and the same can be said if the art doesn't seem to be valued, or is even lambasted. The latter will also have the effect of putting Bubbles into a negative headspace, which is not a good place for her to be in.

When she is quiet, she is very thoughtful and reflective. She and Joy get along the best if only because Bubbles harbored the least amount of resentment towards Joy, and also understands that Shockette and Rosie can be a handful (and also has the self awareness that she can be a handful herself). Joy looks up to each of her sisters for different reasons, and she seems to look up to Bubbles not only for her talent, but for sound advice as Shockette and Rosie tend to be unrealistic at times. Joy likes to draw sometimes with Bubbles, and Bubbles helps teach her how to do so.

Bubbles doesn't have as drastic as a change by the series end. She's still very empathetic, reflective and understanding alone, and she's still an outgoing teenager otherwise. The only difference is an increase of self-confidence and self-worth, as well as the dissipation of any lingering feelings of bitterness she may have had against Joy deep down. She's going to put her all into everything she does, and make her sisters proud of her, the only family members of hers that really count. She hopes to use her art to be an inspiration to all.


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