This page is about the leading Bronto Burt character as he appears in Alternate Universe and Kirby's Adventures, as opposed to the species. Bronto Burt's purpose has been made perfectly clear in every appearance he's made, and that's to be an antagonistic neighborhood bully. There's not much good in Bronto Burt, in that he doesn't even want to be good. All he wants to do is exert power over others by picking on or beating up those weaker than him. He also wants everyone's allowances. But the one thing he wants most of all is to put Kirby in his place and really humiliate him. Bronto Burt despises Kirby out of envy of him being the town, country, planet and universal hero time and again, and being lauded with accolades and praise. Bronto Burt doesn't like the idea that anyone can be better than him, so if he can take Kirby down a peg and cut him down to size, that would effectively make Bronto Burt the new alpha dog. What he doesn't realize is that it's not as simple as all that, in that there's no way Bronto Burt would be able to take on King Dedede by himself let alone all the other cosmic horrors that befall the planet, but that's a bridge for him to cross later. For now, Kirby has got to go!

Bronto Burt also picks on many other kids in Dream Land, and regularly gets into fights with Coo who isn't afraid to throw hands, himself. He'll even fight his own co-workers, such as Waddle Dee. Bronto Burt doesn't really serve any master, despite working for King Dedede. Like 99% of the rest of Dedede's minions, Bronto Burt just does it for the money, but he can also recognize the self appointed king's strength, and figures that's the side he wants to be on. Since bullies think alike, Bronto Burt would love to live in Dedede's idealized world, and will help him try to achieve that goal. Who knows, though, if Bronto Burt wouldn't try to backstab and overthrow King Dedede once that happens. Afterall, there is only room for one great king, and Bronto Burt would love that title more than anything.


The long-standing role of bully assigned to Bronto Burt is based on the description of Bronto Burt from Kirby's Avalanche. It has never changed, but then again, it's the very same character from Kirby's Adventures, a very very very old series.

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