Blade Knight inc is a character that only appears in the Alternate Universe series. He is based on the user name of series co-founder Jared, and a lot of his antics very early in the series are embellishments of events that actually happened in real life.


Blade Knight inc is essentially brash and hard headed, jumping into situations and taking action without thinking about consequences. He's also a troll, trolling meetups (in series, forums in real life) long before it was edgy-cool. This is probably what got him killed.

Blade Knight inc is actually not a Blade Knight at all, but part of the Knuckle Joe species. His actual name is Knuckle Jojo, a name he hates. Maybe that's why he trolls so much. After death, he removed the armor of a long deceased Blade Knight guard without any reverence, put it on himself, and for some reason decided to build an armory and weapons manufacturing plant from the ground up. Probably to bomb the meetups that banned him. The plant, armory and his new identity are all together known as Blade Knight inc. Although he primarily aligns with the side with good, he does not discriminate who he does business deals with, and will probably never stop being a butthole.

Blade Knight inc considers himself macho, but many opportunities will arise where he'll shoot himself in the foot, then put said foot in his mouth. This feigned machismo makes him patronize a lot of women and girls, which is why Bulba is the least trained of his Pokemon. In reality, however, he isn't really good around women, especially those who are more filled out than others. All of these antics combined make Blade Knight inc a rather... exciting person to be with. There's never a dull moment with Blade Knight inc, even if someone finds themselves in trouble just by association with him.

Okay, But What Are His Good Qualities?

Blade Knight inc is a loyal friend through and through. Though he's a sore loser in the realm of Pokemon battling, he cares a lot about all of his Pokemon's well being. He is also really good at fist fighting, and surprisingly competent at sword fighting. He even created his own sword, with the blade portion hiding many spikes that can expand outwards, and be fired off like a needle canon. Blade Knight inc knows a lot about weapons and enough about business to make him one of the wealthier citizens of Dream Land. All and all, he's a great guy to hang out with when he isn't "on", and he has a mutual close friendship with Kine, all differences aside.


  • Blade Knight inc's appearance is based specifically on the sprites found in Kirby's Adventure. Over time, additions found in modern Blade Knight designs found their way into Blade Knight inc's, but he will always retain Adventure's core design.
  • Blade Knight inc's favorite insult is "ah, you dolt", a phrase often uttered by series co-founder Jared.
  • Likely due to both the cartoonish nature of Alternate Universe, and Blade Knight inc really being a ghost of another creature underneath the armor, any combination of features such as Jojo's eyes, eyebrows and mouth can be seen bleeding through the armor depending on the expression. The infobox art at the top of the page is an example of this.
  • Knuckle Jojo actually has a full head of hair, despite the way it looks as Blade Knight inc.
  • Blade Knight inc cameos in Rhythmic Pop'n, specifically in the losing animation for Bellsprout.


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