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Best Friends Forever is the first Alternate Universe collection, made of of stories featuring Nidorina and Bellsprout. It also includes the story of how Nidorina and Bellsprout became the star Pokemon to ex trainer Kine and trainer Blade Knight inc, respectively.

You can read the Best Friends Forever collection by following this link.


No.Overall No. In Collection Title Comic Origin
1 1 "This Was Never Meant to Be a Series" Season 1
Explains how Kine got his first two Pokemon.
343 2 "Classic Poppistar Adventures" Season 4
A late series addendum to the story of Kine becoming a Pokemon Trainer.
345 3 "More Classic Poppistar Adventures" Season 4
Details how Blade Knight inc got into Pokemon training, and some of the early Johto journeys for Kine and Blade Knight inc.
4 4 "BKi the Long Winded" Season 1
Blade Knight inc talks about his struggle to become a great Pokemon trainer
21 5 "Goes Together Like Peanut Butter and Salmon" Season 1
Nidorina and Bellsprout get into affectionate horseplay instead of battling.
22 6 "With Who You Can Relate" Season 1
Nidorina and Bellsprout imitate their trainers.
22.5 7 "We're More Than Friends, We're BEST Friends!" Aqua Bunny Original
Bellsprout is oblivious to Nidorina's flirting.
23 8 "Thank God He DIDN'T Pop the Question" Season 1
Bellsprout has a sudden, important question he needs to ask Nidorina.
24 9 "Love is Like a Blind Idiot" Season 1
Kine tries to talk sense into Nidorina.
25 10 "'Rina No Like, Bad Bellie" Season 1
Nidorina starts showing signs of jealousy.
28 11 "When It Got Scary" Season 1
Nidorina goes into yandere mode.
33 12 "Love Drives You Insane" Season 1
Nidorina takes to destructive behavior towards Bellie.
35 13 "The Lover's Remorse" Season 1
Bellsprout starts to feel anguish when he realizes, too late, that Nidorina was in love with him, but has moved on.
90 14 "Cat Fight" Season 1
Bellie returns only to find Bellsprout has hooked up with someone else.
288 15 "Those Were the Days" Season 3
Bellsprout and Nidorina reminisce about old times.
348 16 "The Bodyguards" Season 5
Waiu is out for revenge on Kirby, and Bellsprout and Nidorina agree to protect him around the clock.
367 17 "Sword Play Gone Horribly Wrong" Aqua Bunny Original
Nidorina and Bellsprout play with swords. Hilarity does not ensue.
368 18 "My Irreplaceable You" Aqua Bunny Original
Nidorina and Bellsprout have go out on a bestie date.

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