Bellsprout is one of Blade Knight inc's top four Pokemon. He comes from the Alternate Universe series, and was inspired by Jeanette Fisher's awesome Bellsprout.

It's Time For Action, Jackson

Every now and again, you may hear official sources (or those claiming that they heard from official sources, which at that point is just hearsay) say that there are Pokemon that challenge trainers in the wild to see if they are worthy of catching them, and if so, can help them move up to the next level of competitive Pokemon battling. Well, even in a series like Alternate Universe where most of the Pokemon didn't want to do that at all, you have one like Bellsprout who was looking to get physical one way or another.

It should go without saying that Bellsprout loves action. He's not necessarily concerned about being the best Bellsprout or even winning a lot of competitions, but he does like to get involved with a lot of physical activities. What he actually wants to do is get into film, either as a lead or at least as a stunt double, which would require the film to cast a Bellsprout in the first place. He'll even settle for a series on a streaming service or an hour long TV serial, just as long as he can do his own stunts. Winning Pokemon battles and teaching others under him martial arts is just a method of helping him establish some credibility.

A thirst for action aside, Bellsprout is otherwise very amiable. There's very few people that think lowly of him, typically because Bellsprout is able and willing to back up any talk, which is respectable. It doesn't hurt that he's pretty strong for his species, and mostly self trained. He's Blade Knight inc's favorite Pokemon, and the one he prefers to use the most unless he thinks there's a chance someone else can do it better. Bellsprout's relationship with Blade Knight inc is a bit like The Odd Couple, with Bellsprout playing an exasperated straight man to Blade Knight inc buffoonery. He doesn't agree with most of Blade Knight inc's decisions, downright believes he has no idea what he's doing and is absolutely flabbergasted that someone so ignorant could run an arms manufacturing facility without blowing up the planet and make millions doing it, but he always stand up for him anyway and defends Blade Knight inc when needed, because despite all of the silliness, Blade Knight inc is his trainer and his friend. Bellsprout's best friend is Nidorina, and the two of them hit it off really well shortly after meeting each other. Bellsprout finds Nidorina's resume impressive, insofar as her skill training goes. Nidorina has been practicing in martial arts and combat training almost her entire life from childhood, and by playing that long game, it has made her into the person that Bellsprout would like to become. He trains with her when he has a chance, as there's so much more that she knows that Bellsprout has yet to learn. Aside from skill training, he also likes hanging out with Nidorina because her playful tomboyish personality appeals to him a lot, and he likes to unwind with someone who'll guarantee him a lot of laughs. He also gets along very well with Nidorino, and having another fun loving adult male around gives him someone to talk to that can also provide him with laughs, but perhaps on subjects he wouldn't feel comfortable talking to Nidorina about.

Bellsprout's significant other is Bulba, who he adores with all his heart. It took Nidorina screwing up his chances with Bellie and then also missing his chances with Nidorina herself for him to eventually meet Bulba, but if he could do it all over again, he wouldn't have it any other way. He would agree that Bellie wasn't right for him and would have created a lot of tension with his friends, and with Bulba being so sweet and easy going, she makes the perfect partner for him, and Bellsprout, Bulba, Nidorina and Nidorino like to hang out on weekends, and have a great time doing it. As for Bellie's current relationship with Bellsprout, it's quite strained, as they're both very aware of how awkward the fallout has been. Bellie's interest in Bellsprout comes and goes, which probably means that she sees him as a rebound between other off screen relationships she gets into, but Bellsprout would rather avoid her altogether. That all said, Bellsprout doesn't harbor any ill feelings towards her.

Bellsprout also has connections with X International, a secret agency full of trenchcoat wearing operatives, where he is sometimes sent out on undercover assignments to handle all of the covert dealings going on in Dream Land. The sort of stuff that Kirby wouldn't normal catch (which are typically very unsubtle, such as breaking apart the Star Rod disturbing the slumber of the citizens, or shattering the rings of Popstar before spreading large clouds of swirling darkness everywhere). Bellsprout, known as Bellsprout007 in this organization, shares his role with other agents Coke, Game Informer X (who Agent Black is just trying to pass on to someone else), Bulba (to fulfill affirmative action requirements), and Nidorina (who loopholed herself in), and together they are known as the Fantastic Four Plus One.


The following is a list of recognized Pokemon moves that Bellsprout can or has used:

  • Razor Leaf
  • Vine Whip
  • Stun Spore
  • Fly
  • Leech Seed
  • Solar Beam
  • Slam
  • Growth
  • Knock Off
  • Sleep Powder
  • Energy Ball


  • Bellsprout is a playable character in Rhythmic Pop'n
  • Bellsprout is also one of the interactive characters in Love-Love Monster
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