BaBeat is the name of the sentient, cartoonish planet that the Chibimon unfortunately call their home. As a planet, it seems to resemble a cross between Earth and an alien planet that is inspired by all things kawaii. The color of the sky is usually pink instead of blue, and the Chibimon who live here have their own set of holidays and events that are different than what Earth denizens observe. Time is inconsistent because BaBeat doesn't stay in a single orbit for very long, so there's no telling how long a year is.

As a character, BaBeat can respond to individual Chibimon who speak to it, and carry conversations with it's inhabitants. It is very neurotic, and seems to operate on 10s all the time emotionally, however. Telling BaBeat a joke can cause it to laugh and laugh for a long time, shaking up the planet and causing natural disasters. If BaBeat is depressed, this also effects the landscape and the happenstances of the planet, such as making the sky a gloomy color and creating a massive lethargy around the world over. If it is angry, daggers could fall from the sky and impale the inhabitants below, and if it's having a nervous breakdown, the reality of the world around the Chibimon can break and shatter like glass, creating voids in time and space. This puts a lot of stress on the inhabitants, most of which are probably traumatized n their own way.

BaBeat is also subject to the randomness of the universe, such as having conversations with other sentient planets and phenomenon, getting hit by asteroids or a black hole opening up behind it and destroying it in that particular comic. The negative continuity of the series, however, ensures that none of the effects are permanent.

BaBeat can at any time grow limbs and grab things or go for a space jog or dance or whatever. Things that I'm sure the Chibimon are oh so very happy about it doing.

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