Aqua Bunny is a Nido based website I started for some insane reason on December 13th, 2006. It's currently in it's eleventh year. It started off as a fan shrine for the Nidoran line, working to get everyone involved in making it the largest Nido community on the internet, but that plan didn't exactly come together as much as hoped. That said, the site is still open to everyone to make contributions to, but at this point it is more like a really large fan site about Nidos than it is a community effort. There's still time, people!

Brief History

The full history of Aqua Bunny can be found on the site's About page. Everything that's ever needed to be said is on that page, you know, just to save time. However, really quick, let me run through a few points of interest...

  • 1999: Became a fan of Nidoran ♀ for all kinds of reasons, some embarrassing, even. Started Poké Tales with the character Nidoran (♀) being the first ever character to make an appearance in the series. Very next episode stars Nidorina, who I made to be sympathetic towards the species. It clearly worked, because Mrs. Nidorina is the single character who made me the Nidorina fan I am today. Blame her for kickstarting this madness (and she seems to still have that effect today, even). Other Nido characters like Nidoran (♂), Nidorino, Dot, Needles and so many others have caused me to fall in love with the entire line.
  • 2001: Started Alternate Universe, who stars Nidorina Schneider as an alternate version of Mrs. Nidorina. However, that wasn't enough. Let's add one MORE Nidorina named Charlotte, alongside Nidorino Eto and a cutie named Nidoqueen Nakamura. At this point I'm definitely sold on Nidos, which leads to...
  • 2001-ish: Started a website called Nidoran Fan Page. Not exactly catchy. The site didn't catch on, either, despite also having artwork and animations and interactive things (much cruder but still). Was not happy about this.
  • 2004 or 5-ish: Started Creative Worlds based on a suggestion from the forums on Kirby's Rainbow Resort. People liked the many animations there, and the comics and whatever else I did.
  • 2006: Put up more and more references to the Poke Island series, Mrs. Nidorina, among my other Nidorina works, was seen quite a lot at the time, along with other Tales/Legends characters. Essentially, people knew I liked Nidorina a lot.
  • December 2006: I like Nidorina so much that I felt like it'd be better if I gave it its own site rather than clutter Creative Worlds with it. Aqua Bunny was, in its initial state, just this. A place to stick excess Nidorina and other Nido fan art and gifs. However, I encourage people to participate.
  • 2007: People actually participate, likely due to knowing me from Creative Worlds, and Aqua Bunny becomes more of a fan site. Eventually, things like comics, a game (Crane Crazy) and an oekaki were added.
  • 2009: Site redesigned to be a much fuller experience. The ultimate site for Nidos, if you will. This is the site that appears currently.
  • Today: People actually like Aqua Bunny. The younger me who tried to do the same with Nidoran Fan Page is very happy. Aqua Bunny has, by itself, changed the perception of Nidorina within a generation of people, worldwide even, and is now no longer seen as a weird looking pug faced thing that the anime and Pokemon Red/Blue sprites had used to turn people away from it. In fact it might be too popular now for the... uh... wrong reasons. Much regret. Much sadness. What monster have I created?

The Aqua Bunny Almost Daily Gallery

In June 2011, The Aqua Bunny Almost Daily Gallery was created as a supportive companion site to Aqua Bunny. The platform used is Tumblr, and it was conceived as a way to provide almost daily content while bigger things are being worked on behind the scenes. Every other day, artwork from Aqua Bunny's archive gallery was posted to help people give another look at the artwork received over the years. In bewteen posting days, an eyecatch is posted that says "See You Again Tomorrow!" This was done intentionally to stagger posts, as Tumblr does not allow anyone to post on a bi-daily basis (which kinda sucks), and at the time, it was meant to keep the stock from running out too quickly. This was okay for a while, though not very exciting. It was very hands off, and low interaction. Eventually, in about 2-3 years, additions were made to make TABADG a little more exciting, such as exclusive doodles, comics, and dumb little things with the supporting cast of Aqua Bunny. Fan interaction is highly encouraged, and all posts are light hearted and goofy or jokey, to create a very pleasant and inviting atmosphere.

It is planned to have an additional blog starting in 2017 that would allow for asks and such directly for the characters, which would also allow The Aqua Bunny Almost Daily Gallery to continue to do whatever it is it does at this point without getting too off course from it's original purpose of showcasing the art of the fans.

All For the Fans

The reason why the site still exists is for all of you guys! Thanks for everything. I don't know what else to add to this page in particular, but let me know if there's anything else you'd like me to mention or touch on. Enjoy the wiki, and enjoy the sites!
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